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The Rocker

29 October 08 words: Harry Wilding
Rock has been taken from the rebels and revolutionaries the same way that punk, tattoos and the image of Che Guevara have

A rock movie (and to be honest, anything with the word ‘rock’ in) has to be approached with caution. Rock has been commercialised and taken from the rebels and revolutionaries in the same way that punk, tattoos and the image of Che Guevara have.

However, in an attempt not to sound too grumpy and negative, The Man hasn’t taken it all away from us. School of Rock for instance - 'Rock' in the tite, loads of kids in it, only a PG certificate – was, in fact, brilliant and one of the best comedies of the noughties. Plus, if worst comes to worst, we still have Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse and The Rolling Stones keeping old skool rock and roll alive (well, only just…literally.)

The Rocker follows Fish (Rainn Wilson), a drummer who is unfairly kicked out of the band Vesuvius on the eve of them becoming a huge success. Twenty years on, he gets a second chance in his nephew’s band A.D.D. after their original drummer is conveniently removed by his mother.

The music is decent and in such a film this was important. It wasn’t original or even worthy of the iPod really, but it avoided any general cheesiness bar the track at the end, although the least said about the whole disappointing ending itself the better. Wilson (excellent in Six Feet Under and the US remake of The Office) does well again here, carrying the film through its mostly predictable plot points, while the rest of the cast do their jobs adequately enough. Although, still attempting not to sound too grumpy and negative, The Rocker was not bad by a long way. It was very funny in places, slightly funny in others, with a satisfactory feel good factor.

Perhaps now, watching Disney's Camp Rock won’t make me want to stab myself in the eyes - and ears - as many times as I’d first thought.

The Rocker is currently showing at Cineworld Nottingham

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