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The Comedy of Errors

XS:IF The Hiphop Disciple Interview

16 October 08 words: Sean West
"To be honest my music appeals to a wide range of people. I've had great feedback from listeners in their sixties"'
XS:IF hiphopping around Thailand!

Yemi Akinpelumi (aka XS:If The Hiphop Disciple)  is an old friend of us here at LeftLion and one of the forefathers of hiphop in Nottingham. He promoted the Prescription nights that ran in Hoodtown for years and was also a founder member of The Cult - a series of regular DnB events which are still going strong! A couple of years ago he moved back to his native Manchester, but Notts is still clearly in his heart (as well as all over his debut album). Sean West put some questions to him before his gig for us at Brownes on Friday 17 October...

What have you been up to recently?
I’ve been promoting and distributing my debut album around the country, It’s hard work but has got to be done...

What kind of people do you think will be into your music?
To be honest my music appeals to a wide range of people. I've had great feedback from listeners in their 60's - it’s crazy! There’s a little bit for everyone I think, something for the hiphop connoisseurs, as well as those that don’t generally listen to hiphop. I am the hiphop disciple, and am trying to spread the word, even to those that don’t generally listen to it - as well as maybe re-educating some current listeners.

XS:IF on MySpace

Describe your style…
I'd say my style can be described as being 'a unique brand of hiphop with an influence of retro and ethic sounds, lyrically giving a positive outlook on life using social commentary, and some injection of memorable humour'.

What are you listening to at the mo?
At present, it probably wouldn’t do my street cred any good to say, but am listening to Eva Cassidy, Van Morrison and generally Nina Simone. I am working on a Nina Simone track at present with Zetia, its sounding good!

Tell us about one of your songs and what inspired you to write it…
One life, track 13 on the album. We only get one life to live and the inspiration was to live well, set an example, stand for something, be yourself, we're all gonna go through the same experience in life, and its a case of appreciating and treasuring those things... the track encompasses my philosophy on life and that time is precious and we should focus on the more important things like spending time with the family - less of the materialistic mentality which media is always trying shove down our throats.

Best gig you've ever played?
This is gonna sound a bit wet, but to be honest every gig has a special place in my heart. Every gig takes on a life of its own, like I’d never forget my first live gig in Nottingham which was at Muse. The turn-out wasn’t the greatest with it being mid-week, but the support from those there was immense! I treat all my gigs like the first one, I have no idea what to expect but giving it everything and trying to connect with the audience as much as possible. I’m definitely looking forward to the gig for LeftLion for sure, its gonna be a heavy!

If you had a super power what would it be? 
I'd like Neo from The Matrix's powers. Ii'd like to be able to control my surroundings and stop things like fights, wars and natural disasters happening.

What's your ideal night out in Nottingham?
It starts out chilled, I manage to make it to the place without being late and get to listen to some good music, drink some good fruit juice (not some watered down shit!) and have a nice bed to sleep in once the night is over. Hehe.

XS:IF on MySpace


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