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Lone Interview

16 April 09 words: Natasha
Check out a free set for LeftLion from one of Nottingham's foremost electronic musicians at Brownes bar this Friday night
Lone plays LeftLion at Brownes this Friday.
Music from 8pm, entrance is free! 

Lone, AKA Matt Cutler and one half of Kids In Tracksuits, last year released his debut album Lemurian on Nottingham's Dealmaker Records. He's managed to successfully produce an album that is very fresh and chilled out, which is refreshing when thinking of the harder hiphop beats produced by Kids In Tracksuits. Since then he's followed it up with a new EP Cluster Dreams. We caught up with Lone in the midst of his promotion campaign for Lemurian to ask him about his influences and plans as a solo artist.

Who would you say are your greatest musical influences?
Off the top of my head, Boards Of Canada, Madlib, Aphex and Wu Tang and my mates who make music like The Fresh Prints, Keaver & Brause, Bibio and Merge. I'm sure there are loads more that I can't remember.

How would you say they have influenced your music?
Well all the newer hiphop/electronic stuff has influenced me in my methods of production. Since childhood, people like Michael Jackson or Alexander O'Neil have also been in the back of my mind. My mum would have their tapes in her car, and they were played to death and left on the dash board, in the sun too long making the tapes all warped, but to me that just made them sound more lush. That warped, woozy tape feel is something i've been kinda obsessed with since then and it's somehow blagged its way into my music.

Is there a story behind the name Lone?
Theres a couple I guess. When I was making tunes growning up, i'd always rather stay in and do that than go out, so I guess it made me a bit of a loner.. the music making process can be very lonely at times, spending long hours hidden away from people can have a strange effect. The other thing about it is, i've always wanted this project to be just me, it's too personal to involve anyone else in so that name seems to be an obvious choice.

What is the inspiration behind the title of your new album?
I was reading quite a bit about the lost land of Lemuria while the album was coming together, and the whole sound of the album kind of had this other worldly sun drenched feel to it. The whole thing's like an imaginary place I was drifting off into, so I thought the music sounded like it could have been made in a far away place like Lemuria, making it sound Lemurian. It made more sense at the time to be honest!

How would you describe the music on Lemurian?
Like a soundtrack to an imaginary summer somewhere beautiful and dream-like, all recorded on to a cassette thats been left on the dashboard, in the sun too long I reckon.

Has it progressed much from the first album that you produced?
It's progressed loads as i've been making albums for myself since i was about 15. I think this one is my 21st album. This is only the second one to actually get a release, and this is a much bigger release from the last one, so yeah, its by far the best.

Have you made any changes in production methods for this new album?
I reckon its just evolved quite naturaly to be honest, this time i've really pushed the saturated, wobbly feel though. The beats are much more hiphop influenced than anything i've done previously as well.

Are you making music here in Nottingham or producing elsewhere?
Yeah still in nottingham. Ive got no plans to move either to be honest, I still really love the place.

Where is the best venue you've played and why?
I DJ'd at Fabric the other night. that was totally mad, i'd never been before and couldn't believe how huge the place was.

Why have you decided to take a break from Kids In Tracksuits?
There are quite a few reasons really, I just think it came down to the fact that our hearts werent 100 percent in it anymore. One of the few things we were really serious about from the start was, if we werent completely happy doing it anymore, we'd just sack it off, so that what we did.

The music that you are producing now has quite a different sound to that of Kids In Tracksuits - which do you prefer and why?
I prefer the Lone sound much more because it's more personal to me and it's something ive been working on for as far back as i can remember. The Kids thing was just me and Andy having fun anyway. We are really proud of what we achieved and had a right laugh doing it. But this is the thing that's always been there in the background, so now it's coming out properly its really exciting.

Do you prefer performing/playing as a solo artist or as a duo?

It's different every time. It's easier playing on your own because if you mess it up, its only yourself you have to worry about. I do miss playing with Andy, because when it goes well its wicked to be able to share it with your mate.

Where do you see yourself with your music in 3 - 5 yrs time?
Hopefully earning a bit more money! Either way, i'll still be making music all the time, so i'm not really that bothered. Just as long as I get to keep making and releasing music i'll be happy.

Lemurian is available to buy now
Lone Website

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