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SOLD OUT: Proper Notts Tea Towel

15 December 09 words: Shop

The LeftLion Stocking filler of choice for 2009, get some Notts round your pots.

(click image for full screen tea towel)


LeftLion Magazine 19 gave you the opportunity to dry up your chatty dishes and learn summat about your home town all at the same time – with a Proper Notts tea-towel. Unfortunately, it was made out of paper and was therefore unsuitable for drying dishes, mopping up blood, etc. But then we brought out a more robust version, made out of 100% fully-washable cloth. Here are just some of the things you can do with it...

(click image for full screen tea towel)

Whip it around manky kitchen surfaces whilst gazing upon the soulful mien of Brian Clough

• Hang it over your radiator, whilst gazing upon all the things we have that Derby hasn’t

• Tuck it into your best shirt at dinner parties so people can stare in wonderment at the rich gifts Nottingham has bestowed upon the world, whilst avoiding getting all peas down your front

Tie it across your head Tupac-style, whilst standing outside the off-licence and doing whatever the other mouth-breathers with no lives who congregate outside such establishments do

Sensuously flick it against your partner’s tremulous buttocks in foreplay sessions, whilst gazing upon the cultural endowment Nottingham has given the world in rapt wonderment.

The LeftLion Proper Notts tea-towel is available to purchase right now, for a mere £6 plus p&p. But hurry – stocks are dead limited. Imagine the look of glee on your Nana’s face when she unwraps this extravagant gift, and order her one for Christmas!


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