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Lowdham Book Festival Winter Weekend

20 January 09 words: James Walker
Subjects for discussion include Brian Clough, Alan Sillitoe, C. Day-Lewis, the Poet Laureate who grew up in Edwinstowe and Paddington Bear

Lowdham book festivalIt’s that time of year again when friends don’t want to go to the pub because they are skint and everybody is too depressed with credit crunchie talk.

So what do you do to entertain yourself and get a little value for money? Easy, make your way over to the beautiful village of Lowdham for the Winter Weekend Festival and listen to some top class authors read from their latest works.

This year the event is organised by Janet Streeter from The Bookcase and Ross Bradshaw of Fives Leaves Publications and focuses on the theme of biography. Subjects for discussion, among others, include Brian Clough, Alan Sillitoe, C. Day-Lewis, the Poet Laureate who grew up in Edwinstowe and Paddington Bear. I suspect that Nick Barratt will also be a favourite, having worked on the hugely popular ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ series, which appears to be the only worthy celebrity related programme worth watching on television. Below is a list of events that we here in the LeftLion offices are particularly eager to see. But there are many more...

Talking Myself Home with Ian McMillan
Friday 23rd 7.30pm-9.00pm
Ian McMillan has one of the most recognisable voices on radio, that lovely mellifluous Yorkshire growl that tingles the eardrum like snow trickling down the back of your neck on a winter morning. He’s one of Britain’s national treasures who had been involved in countless projects, the most recent on these waters being the Three Cities Connect project. In this event Ian will be delivering a self-depreciating self-portrait, recounting various surreal events which have filled his colourful life.

Young Man, You’ve Made My Day with Marcus Alton
Saturday 24th 11.00am-midday
Once upon a time rich millionaire playboys would buy yachts and stack ‘em high with bottle blondes and champagne to display their wealth. Now they buy football clubs and stack ‘em high with over-priced and under-performing has-beens. That wasn’t always the case. Once football was about football and it was the manager who made the decisions. Perhaps because of this Brian Clough has become a figurehead for a time gone by when you bought your gas from a gas supplier and climbed over the turnstile to see a game. Marcus Dalton is the latest and certainly not the last to share his views on the great man. He will be giving a fans perspective and this is a title he clearly deserves, having been instrumental in getting the Cloughie bronze statue erected in the city centre.

The Eccentric Entrepreneur with Miranda Rijks Saturday 24th 2.00pm-3.00pm
All staff here at LeftLion will be paying homage to Sir Julien Cahn as without him we may have ended up being called LeftLima or LeftLemming. That’s right he is the kind gentleman who made his permanent mark on Nottingham by donating “the lions”. If that wasn’t enough he also gave us Newstead Abbey. For that reason alone it is worth popping down to find out more about this eccentric character who used his riches to run a private cricket team, sponsor the arts (and Hunts) before becoming embroiled in a buying of honours scandal. It had to be too good to be true.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer with Richard Bradford in discussion with
Alan Sillitoe (pictured left)
Saturday 24th 3.30pm-4.30pm
It is hard to pick a favourite from this eclectic collection but for this particular journo, it has to be the Sillitoe event. Bradford is Sillitoe’s official biographer and so it will be interesting to see how he has handled this iconoclastic figure. It will also be a great opportunity for readers to ask the great man a few questions. Now in his eightieth year, we may not be as privy to those regular jaunts up the M1 from his home in London so take the opportunity while you can.

 Tickets are priced between £10-16 per day.

Five Leaves Publications website
Lowdham Book Festival programme



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