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Nottingham Castle

Poddingham #4

24 March 09 words: Radio

Interviews with The Smears, Beatmaster Bill, James Walker, and a preview of the next LeftLion

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LeftLion's 10p mix of interviews, tunes and randomness returns, with The Smears dropping in for a natter about their new LP, James Walker (LeftLion's Literary Editor) swinging by to drop science on all things wordular in Notts, and Beatmaster Bill - the man who puts all our podcasts together - finally gets a well-earned chance to get on the other end of the mic. Chuck in a hefty selection of Notts tunage and a preview of the next ish, and you have something worthy of your tabs...


Beatmasta Bill - Gamechander
The Money - Start Again
The Smears - Deliverance / Pieces
Papa La Bas - You Had It

Local bands - we need your tunes!

We've got even more podcasts up our sleeves, so we're crying out for local bands to let us give them some exposure. No matter what genre you are, we can play you (as long as you're good), so get your MP3s over to [email protected] right now. When you send us your tunes you're giving us the legal right to play it on our podcasts. Oh, and your band name, biog and URLs and forthcoming gig info would be handy, an'all.



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