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Easely Does It

1 October 09

Nottingham artists talk about ways to make the best out of your work and practice in this town...

There is such a strong network of artist-led studios and groups in Nottingham compared to other parts of the country. Use it!  Sam Clift

Paint to sell or paint for yourself. Liam Sheppard

Keep your motivation and passion. Emma Lewis

Most of the contacts I’ve made are from Flickr and Etsy, where many worldwide artists roam free. All of my artist friends both on and offline are really quite encouraging and inspiring. Cocoakoala

Stay hardcore to what you believe in, but always be ready to learn and expand. Rikki Marr

I lived in Barcelona before coming to Nottingham, and although it’s regarded as a
cultural Mecca, there were very few studio spaces and opportunities for artists. Nottingham is the opposite. Geoff Diego Litherland

Be prepared for some serious ballache! Simon Bailey

Believe in yourself and others will too. David Bowen

Listen to your soul, keep making art for yourself and experience as much art as possible. Amanda Young

Do what the hell you like, there will always be someone who’ll appreciate it. Also you might have to do a few crap jobs to pay your way. Remember, you’re not the only one and you can meet some great people who can often be a source of inspiration. Angi Fletcher

Keep at it. Believe in what you’re doing and others will believe in you. Don’t get a real job!
Raphael Daden

Be yourself. Which means recognise that you are everyone including the unique being that you think you are. Express that however you like. Use power to heal not harm.

Have a trust fund. Shaun Belcher

Stay focused and believe in what you do, the universe will provide! May Cortazzi

Don’t compromise for other people. Even Picasso never felt that he was the finished article. He kept working until he died. Neil Heath

Make contacts, be passionate and committed. Don’t fool yourself it will be easy. Jo Irvine

People think that Nottingham is just another city, but it’s much more important than that. If
you scratch the surface and make it past the identikit shops, there’s lots of really cool
independent stuff going on. That’s what makes it interesting to work from here. Jon Rouston

Nothing ventured nothing gained. It’s easy to make things happen; all it needs is time, effort and money. Michael Forbes

All progress is good, even when minimal. Be ready to accept help and don’t be too hard on yourself. Dorian Conway

Just enjoy creating stuff. Sinking Ships

Become an obsessive compulsive. You can sort the nervous twitch out later. Rich Johnson

Speak to other artists and listen to their comments, good and bad. Adam Wise

Do what you want to do, not what they want you to do. John Berkavitch

Hold onto what inspires you. The art world is pretty brutal, so expect to take a hell of a lot of knock backs before you get to the goodies. Ruth Jamieson

Don’t get a nine to five office job… ever! Candice Jacobs

Listen to yourself and trust what you hear. Chris Lewis Jones

Get a website. Without one nobody will know you exist. Get yourself a decent email address using your URL and keep it for life. Present yourself as professionally as possible when contacting people and writing proposals. Ellie Harrison

Keep working at it and always keep an open mind to what you come across. Network!
Raj Pathak

Most things have been done before. Find the currents within your work and follow them.
Matthew Chesney

Draw everything, never throw anything away, and always write down your ideas even if it has to be on any part of your body! Alex Fowkes

Pimp yourself out as much as you can and don’t turn down opportunities. Kat Wojcik

Work bloody hard! Simon Mitchell

Pally up with a really rich benefactor who loves your work. Benjamin Hargrave

Develop good friendships and value critical sessions. Have serious fun! Chie Hosaka

Get a studio as soon as possible and organise shows of your own work. Be single-minded in your ambition. Ben Judd

The networks of people you build up are more important than you think. Terry Shave

Nottingham artists are incredibly welcoming and buzzing with energy, mostly. Mik Godley

Nottingham is small enough to get to know people and make stuff happen. Get out there!Kat Wojcik

I moved to Nottingham after graduating from Lincoln University, as I knew that Nottingham’s art community was very approachable and didn’t have a snobbish manner. I reckon Nottingham gives artists a good name. Alan Armstrong

The thing I like about living and working here is that there always seems to be opportunities for artists here. It’s a vibrant community. Georgina Bell

Confidence is essential for success. Natasha Stott

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