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LIVE: Audiophile 3rd Birthday

1 March 10 words: Ashley Clivery
They are doing things in Nottingham that not many other souls are attempting

Audiophile logo

The monthly Audiophile night celebrated its 3rd birthday at the venue where they have your Nan’s wallpaper and zebra fur-coated seats; the 110 capacity Moog – just like those keyboards that man made.

Did I mention the free birthday cake? Well, there was free birthday cake and this night became a truly celebratory affair. The 1st Audiophile birthday went off with an explosion in the form of Scott Hexadecimal and the 2nd birthday we’re apparently not allowed to talk about (!!!). These nights are gaining some notoriety and it’s easy to see why with the past, and future, line-ups.

The small crowd in the tiny venue, some of whom were doing the ‘bum dance’ and ‘windy hands’ as soon as they arrived, were washed in a sea of house music; minimalist, funky, electro; and shades of techno. Beane provided the beats from the off - mohawk in tact - to the innards of the dance floor in the low-lit venue. And yes, people were straining their eyes to see the wallpaper.

Danny Berman - a.k.a. Red Rack'em - photo by Debbie Davies
Danny Berman - a.k.a. Red Rack'em - photo by Debbie Davies

The assembled collective were then treated to an extra-length set by Red Rack’em, as when it got to 03:30 (and passed this reviewer’s bed time), Afronaught (one ninth of the legendary collective Bugz In The Attic) was still 15 miles away. He eventually turned up, and everybody wriggled into the not-so-small hours of the morning.

The Audiophile baby could have attracted a few more revellers (Evil Nine was playing at Gatecrasher, however), but who cares, this is just the beginning. From their humble roots in, quote, “gabba, gypsy dogs, ranting farmers and fit raver chicks,” these guys are now bringing in heavy weight DJ’s that area privilege to hear in such intimiate venues. The close atmosphere of Moog resembles that of an incredible house party, that’s playing house, in a house - with a smoke machine.

Audiophile have their headphones in lots of pies and you will definitely be hearing loads more from them soon. They are doing things in Nottingham that not many other souls are attempting and for that they should be lauded with OBE’s and knighthoods…and cake. Come on Queeny give it a chance. Audiophile; we salute you.

The Audiophile 3rd Birthday was at Moog on Saturday 20 February 2010.

Audiophile website

Future Audiophile events include:

FC Kahuna on 19th March
Jean Jacques Smoothie on 31st May
Bentley Rhythm Ace on 19th June.


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