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30 March 10 words: Jesse Keene
"To me Notts has always been a breeding ground for good MC's. So I'm expecting true heads to be at the show"
Skandal - Playing at Size? Presents on Thursday 1 April
Skandal - Playing at Size? Presents on Thursday 1 April

Welcome one and all to the world of Skandal. This London-based MC has been making waves within the scene with his considered lyrics and adaptable lyrical flow and stand on the precipice of big career within the hip-hop sphere, hotly tipped by 1xtra and having links within not only hip-hop but also the DnB and grime scene he has shown his versatility and love for urban music across the board. Notts based MC and DJ Lethargy caught up with Skandal in London for a brief chat before his appearance at Size? Presents At the Bodega Social on Thursday 1 April!

First off tell us a little bit about yourself where you got your name and how you got into hip-hop and rapping?
Okay my name's Skandal and that basically comes from me not being able to find any other good rapping names!! Skandal was the first decent one I came across and it suits my personality because no matter how good I try to be I always end up in some sort form madness. I'm originally from the Lewisham borough and have lived all over South East London and across the country, which has given me a wide experience of life in general. 
I first really got into hip-hop through my links with jungle and DnB which Is what I mainly listened to back I the day, My first real exposure to the scene was back in 2000 with the W album by the Wu Tang Clan at that time I was watching a lot of MTV so the tunes I was seeing were stuff like Gravel Pit, De La Soul's Ooh and Mystikal's Shake It Fast. From there I took a different direction I did not buy any more Mystikal albums I brought myself a copy of The Wu's 36 Chambers and did not really look back from there just started to write rhymes and things have just taken a natural course.

Size? Presents
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You're playing the Size? Presents: night at the Social on the 1 April. What do you make of the scene up here and also what do you expect from your audience and what can they expect from the live show?
What I've found about Notts is you got some true hip-hop fans up there, I came up listening to Scor-zay-zee, Out Da Ville and stuff. There are some good rappers up there I saw that Big Trev had put a few videos up on the net of some of the up and coming talent that are coming through and they were killing it!  To me Notts has always been a breeding ground for good MC's. So I'm expecting true heads to be at the show and it does not really matter how many people are there as long as they appreciate good music. I bring a high energy set with a lot of beats and I condense my show a lot as I still consider myself as up-and-coming therefore people wont be overly familiar with my tunes. So I like to keep people attention by hit them with tune after tune and in some ways not giving them time to think. Expect high energy a few jokes a long the way and me trying to sell copies of my new CD at the end.

Which brings me nicely on to your debut release Hunger Pains so can you tell me a little about the whole project and also the people involved?
Well Hunger Pains is my debut mix CD, and is all mixed together by DJ MK (Kiss 100 Fm, Roots Manuva and Dizzee Rascals DJ). Basically it's seventeen tracks deep with an intro from him, and it really is like a business card just displaying what I can do lyrically, flow-wise and how I adapt to rocking over various styles of beats.
I have also brought a couple of friends along to do guest spots people like Ramson Badbonez, Brad Strut from Australia and Little Dee from Roll Deep. As far as what the album itself is concerned I feel it has pretty much done its job I designed it to showcase who I am and let people know I'm here to stay and I feel its achieved that.

So what is your next move? Are there any other projects in the pipeline that we should check for in the future?
I have a single dropping at the end of March which should be available by the time people read this. It features Klashnekoff and P-Money, the English grime MC. That is part of an EP called Quick Snack which is produced by Beat Butcha we have hopefully got some video's to tie in with that.  Then next up is the mixtape with Sarah Love and Ramson Badbonez which is titled New Jack City and that is going to be over a load of jacked beats which is the main concept of the project. After that is Hunger Pains 2, which if all goes well should be available for late August this year so its gonna be a year of business. Last year I was getting people to take note of who I am, but now for 2010 its all about letting people know I don't mess about so keep checking for me over the next few months.

Size? Presents featuring Skandal is at The Bodega Social on the Thursday 1 April. More information about this on Size? Presents Facebook.

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