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The Comedy of Errors

Buried Monument by Jeffery Baker

1 April 11 words: Art Works
"The primary component is the video footage depicting the burial of a large crate, containing an undisclosed monument object"
Jeffery Baker
Jeffery Baker

This is part of an on-going collaborative project with Glasgow-based artist Alexander Stevenson, which was recently exhibited as part of Sideshow Festival. It grew from a conversation between Alex and myself, which has been developed at various stages over the last year. We’re both very interested in how knowledge is communicated, often through implication of prior social knowledge or an understanding of context. This work is the beginning of our collaborative exploration of these themes.

The primary component is the video footage depicting the burial of a large crate, containing an undisclosed monument object. For the Sideshow Festival, this act was represented through different interpretations by four different editors. They were displayed on screens set into white pillars that mirror the monumental dimensions of the crate being buried. My interest in this work is in the process of interpretation involved in deciphering these symbolically significant acts of burial, and the placing of a monument. Both are used to signify the importance of a place or location and inform how that locale should be interpreted.

This is my first long-term collaborative project, and I’ve found it to be a really positive experience. At times I would have liked it to develop more rapidly, but in hindsight this slowing down of the making process has perhaps helped us both get more out of it than we might otherwise have done.

Since this project, I have begun to develop other collaborative projects as well as trying to maintain an independent practice, such as being part of the Institute for Boundary Interactions (Formally LAB). This is a group of six artists, designers, and architects working on research projects that explore the intersections of different specialisms. We are currently developing the Urban Immune System Research Project as part of Broadway Cinema’s Making Future Work program.

This is a fantastic opportunity that will give us the time and resources to develop our ideas into a solid body of work. Although it has led to more than a few late nights keeping up with everything, having these various collaborative projects has been incredibly beneficial in helping to develop my own practice.

Boundary Interactions website
Making Future Work website
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