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The Comedy of Errors

Come Time With Me by Kathryn Cooper

1 April 11 words: Art Works
"Using the Time Controller™, the audience could move to any point in the piece and experience it as many times as they liked"

Come Time With Me - Katherine Cooper

Kathyrn Cooper



This is my favourite piece of work to date. I think it is anyway, right now I can’t think of anything else I’ve ever done, except a felt tip pen drawing of a dog saying “Nope” that I really like. But I don’t have as much to say about that. 

Come Time With Me is an interactive oneto-one performance piece created for Hatch, who did an open call for proposals for pieces about time. I like working with Hatch, so I watched lots of Professor Brian Cox videos and a couple of TED talks on YouTube and cobbled together a proposal. The piece is made out of cardboard, words, tinfoil, a clock, an omelette and an egg.

Audience members booked a slot for my piece and were shown into a room with just me. I had a script that was a little talk about the nature of time from a scientific and personal perspective. They had a Time Controller™ in front of them and a running order of my performance. Using the Time Controller™, they could move to any point in the piece and experience it as many times as they liked before their time ran out. It included elements where I would look the participant in the eye for a while and hold their hand. They could choose to increase or avoid this intimacy.

The response from the participants was ace and varied. One guy thought I was reading his mind, another kicked off a massive discussion about the nature of time and space, while one participant desperately wanted to see what was under the two cloches on the table, but couldn’t seem to find the right part of time. It’s hard to know whether it truly worked or not, but this was the first performance piece I’ve made that made me feel elated rather than a bit sick, stressed or embarrassed. It seemed like it worked because the participants and myself enjoyed a strange little meditation on what time is all about and got to muck about.

I have a couple of publishing projects on the go including my gig posters being printed in a book called The Art of British Rock. Although I have no plans to exhibit at the moment I was thinking about doing a small exhibition in my house at the beginning of April to show, and hopefully sell, some small drawings and prints – keep an eye on my blog if you’re interested.

If I could afford it I would have an assistant that would go and get all the stuff I need to make my work. They would manage my time and if possible make sure I eat properly, go to bed at the right time, exercise and generally fly right. I’m not sure if the Arts Council will fund it – but I might throw in an application anyway...

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