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TRCH Robin Hood

Gunpowder, Treason and Pot

2 November 11 words: James Walker
If you see what we see, if you feel as we feel and if you seek as we seek, then stand beside us at the Contemporary

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Two hundred years ago to the day, artisan cloth workers in Bulwell smashed up machines which were destroying their trade, undercutting wages and forcing them into unemployment. They were described as Luddites, a misleading term as it suggests they were opposed to all technology.  They weren’t. They were opposed to technology that was ‘hurtful to commonality.’

Two hundred years later and nothing much has changed. Our friends camped out in Market Square are protesting at numerous factors that are ‘hurtful to commanality’, namely corporate greed, endless wars and the price of a pack of three peppers. People are angry. People are upset. But unlike two hundred years ago, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who or what is the cause. It’s less tangible than a simple piece of machinery.

So intense is this feeling of injustice that a few months ago we resorted to smashing up our own city centres and shops. It was a guttural riot. And how did our government react? They banged up two youths for four years for starting up a Facebook group ‘inciting’ riots while bankers rewarded themselves with bonuses. The piss dripped down our backs and once more we were told it was rain.  

Come and be part of the resistance

Come and be part of the resistance

We’re not happy bunnies at the moment so we thought it was time to do something about it. We're not up for breaking into JJB Sports and nicking a pair of trainers and unlike the aptly named Lord Judge who sentenced Jordan Blackshaw, 21, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22 we know that rebellion doesn’t exist among 600 million users and life doesn’t change by clicking a like button. Instead we’ve decided to put on a Scribal Gathering of Poetic Dissent. A free event that doesn’t require validation from a stock market and has nothing to do Greece.

Unfortunately it won’t stop another Tesco being built, secret Drone attacks or keep the protesters warm. It won’t persuade America that pulling funding out of UNESCO because it dares to recognise the state of Palestine is an act of bullying far more vengeful than starting a ‘group’ on a social networking website. But it shows that we’ve had enough, that we care. And it’s not the Big Society, a term as vulgar as Luddite. It’s people trying to protect their sense of ‘commonality’ and dream of a time when they could afford peppers.    
So what can you expect? Imagine if Sid James had taken the lead role in V for Vendetta or The Thompson Brothers replaced Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Something like that. And to be perfectly honest, we’re not entirely sure ourselves. That’s what we like at LeftLion and Dealmaker. A little bit of a surprise. We want a world where vehicles don’t tell us when they’re reversing and disembodied voices don't instruct us to 'please put your items in the baggage area'. We’ll figure it out for oursen.  

Your host for the evening...

Your host for the evening...

If the thought of another night of fireworks on the Forest Wreck makes you feel physically sick then perhaps you’d prefer to replace fizzling streams of light with a human circus that look like they’ve just stepped out of a Tim Burton wet dream. Or perhaps a man crumpled over the decks scratching the soundtrack to 1000 films is more your thing. There will be a certain Chester P doing his first spoken word set outside of London and a human beatbox who can’t stop thinking of what it must have been like to be on the bus with Rosa Parks. Ms. Hood will be having a right moan about her Robin and our very own Mr Sex will be doing whatever he pleases because that’s just the kind of guy he is.
We’ve even planned out times for our performers but that doesn’t mean we’ll be following it. We’ll see how we feel on the night. Although this is a free event, feel free to donate peppers, especially red ones. 
11pm: Chester P Hackenbush
10.30pm: Johnny Crump performs The Order To Come
10.15pm: Debris Stevenson 'Mouthy Poets'
10pm: The Lambhorse Cabaret 
9.40pm: Joe Coghlan and Jonezy 
9.20pm: Al Needham
9.10pm: Michael of Elmet
9pm: Scruffy Dave
8.50pm: Aly and Milk
8.40pm: Toking John
8.25pm: Motormouf and James Walker

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