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Show and Tell 3

28 November 11 words: Alison Emm
Back at Broadway with an international theme, Jon Burgerman, Swimming, bees and The Music Exchange
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Jon Burgerman - coming live from NYC

Started back in October, Broadway now play host to Show and Tell – a monthly night that takes place on the first Thursday of every month.  The concept came about from organiser, Mat Trivett, seeing and knowing that Nottingham is brimming with people who do great things but don’t always have a platform to share what they do or are passionate about. 

Not just focused on the creative output in the city, Show and Tell aims to give people an opportunity to learn about the great work that is being done within the community that may well not be immediately noticeable to the naked eye.  It’s all about bringing people together in a supportive, informal and social environment for a bit of a get together where you can hear and/or tell inspiring stories and have fun.

For the December event the focus will be on all things international; stuff and people from around the world that come to Nottingham or stuff and people from Nottingham who go around the world. Here’s the line-up you can expect:

alt text

Keith Cosgrove

Silke Pillinger (Director of World Event Young Artists) talking about what's coming Nottingham's way in the form of 1,000 young artists from across the world and how to get involved/collaborate.

Jon Burgerman, the previously Nottingham based artist,will be coming at you live from NYC and giving a cribs style tour of his studio, telling us where the magic happens and what's in his fridge. 

The Music Exchange, Nottingham’s own philanthropic shop, will be telling the story of how they came to be, what they are all about, and how they help people experiencing homelessness. 

Swimming will be showing some videos they made in collaboration with Dallas Simpson in advance of their special live appearance through a live binaural set on Friday 2 December.

Keith Cosgrove St Anns based Stonebridge City Farm's head beekeeper will talk us through the tools involved in caring for our furry, buzzing flying friends and maybe give you a taste of honey. Sweet.

And if all that isn’t enough, The International Wrong Pong Association will showing us their custom video game version of Pong and then taking on punters in a late night Wrong Pong tournament from 10pm.

So, a monthly night that supports and celebrates great things going on in Nottingham – get your backside down there in the warm with some fellow minded folk.

Show and Tell 3 is at Broadway on Thursday 1 December from 6pm.

Show and Tell official website

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