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The Comedy of Errors

GameCity6: Day One Report

27 October 11 words: Duncan Heath
"I got to play PacMan, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Tetris in one shoot-em-up game, all at once!"

Your war correspondent, yesterday

Welcome To Level 2!

GameCity Day One finished at Wednesday midnight, squeezing every last available second of time from the clock as if it's very Health Bar depended on it. It finished the night in Chameleon with a late night club performance by Exile (Nottingham's Owain Davies), featuring WiiMote-controlled music visualisation screens, 8- (and 16-) bit gamer sampling and of course, the mesmerising Tenori-On. What's that, you say? Think of it as a Lite-Brite  that grew up from the eighties to the nineties and decided to become a DJ with it's own built-in light show. Or skip the convoluted wordplay and play with this for a bit. But remember to save at least some of your day - because already here we are on GameCity Day Two!

alt text

Officially starting proceedings with a hearty plate of carbs and a hopefully gamer-strength coffee at Broadway for the Guardian Breakfast – where the erudite and possibly even awake throng can wrestle in debate over some telling issues of the day with Keith Stuart and a selected daily panel of video industry peers  - and then it's straight back to the giant white bunker on the Square for the continuation of Nottingham's celebration of games.

I've already seen the cheekily magnificent Retro City Rampage, made friends again with last year's returning Projector Games mega-multiplayer antics of crowd favourites Toadal Carnage, Traffic Dodger and more on the big, big screen, watched shapes find geometric friends in Thomas Was Alone and been wooed over by the frizzball floating moodswingy Mush, who seemed to be reclaiming territory for the Square's usual emo-kid hairgonks, pushed out of the way by the rumbling GameCity Goliath. I even got to play PacMan, Asteroids, Space Invaders and Tetris. In one shoot-em-up game, all at once! Also, holed up in it's own little battle bunker next door, you can meet pretty little Battlefield 3, where I got my war face on and where you can engage in some single-player campaign combat and earn yersen those dog-tags. Sir, yes sir!

Highlight of the day for me was Journey from thatgamecompany. Intuitive, magical and spellbinding storytelling without having to say a single word. I'd love to say more, but that's really a journey you need to undertake for yourself... Seek it out!

Today, I'll be looking forward to Laser Cinema with wallFour in a 100 player laser showdown, a look into Paul Butler's comically Augmented Vision and a return to Oddworld. Hello! Once more your first port of call for a full rota of events should be here.

So get on down to that there Market Square. We may be one day in – but it's all to play for!

GameCity website

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