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GameCity6: Day Three Report

29 October 11 words: Duncan Heath
"Jesus vs. Dinosaurs is Tetris plus Robot Wars. Which makes it... Well, pretty ridiculous fun, really"
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Your correspondent, feeling a bit badleh, GC6


The midnight hour has long passed. Fear Friday has been vanquished. Nottingham seems safe once more. But one lonely figure shambles away from the carnage of the town centre. It is bedraggled and dirty. It's motor functions seem severely impaired. It reeks. And it is hungry...

Well, no need to call S.T.A.R.S. just yet, chaps. It's only me, having only just got back from anotherday filled to the gills with gaming joy. And after sleep, a shower and a shave I can get right back on top of reviewing this fantastic game festival of ours we've still got running here in the Market Square!

This close to Halloween, horror themes dominated the day. We were taught how to play Cat On Yer Head by Playniac, and in turn, we taught them to beware the Were-Mouse! I even got to be utilised as a zombie in a quick demonstration by Rob Yescombe of the 2008 Resident Evil Live GameCity event. I got killed first. Good threat detection skills, lady.

The TV Dinner for Uncharted 3 was the most jam-packed I've ever witnessed it for a GameCity event. Maybe it was the lure of penne pasta, but I think it's more likely it was due to people clamouring for more information on the Playstation 3's exclusive pulp action-adventure serial. It's your last chance to catch Naughty Dog in town tomorrow, so get to the ballroom at midday. And fellas, never nuke that fridge!

The ominous chimes of Little John summoned forth Charlie Higson who spoke to us a bit about his book 'The Fear' and how other countries prefer Carmageddon with zombies in. He also reassured the kids in attendance that death could be a good thing, in the fact that the best stories have to have endings.  And if there's one thing kids love, its horrid endings! The two chillers written by children tonight both had particularly memorable finishing flourishes. Thinking Nottswise though, would a certain Mr. Bob Hood's tale be half as good without him firing off that final arrow? Oh, and Charlie says he's helping put together a new online series of The Fast Show. Which is nice.

If there was one game that was being played at Chameleon, it certainly seemed to be Sardines as the little bar hidden away like its namesake was absolutely heaving with GameCitizens by 9 o'clock, and the Wild Rumpus remained as full for the rest of the night. Luckily, we were provided with a host of games awaiting our arrival rather than just the one. Johan Sebastian Joust provided a actual reason to own a great big handful of lollipop-esque Move controllers, although the overcrowding quickly made for swift deathmatch-style jousting conditions. B.U.T.T.O.N. showed me how quickly Notts gamers can do push-ups if there's mini-game honour at stake, and it's the only place this evening where I saw an owl cry tears of woe. Which made me so sad I had to keep playing it till I won and he cheered up.

Thanks to handily being present when Several Amazing Facts About Tetris were revealed in full (which is only about the eighth time it's happened, I'm reliably told), I learned at least two things. One, that we know all the words to the Tetris theme - it's clearly 'Doo doo doo doo doo doo'. I also learned Tetris is Tetromino plus Tennis. This would mean that Jesus vs. Dinosaurs is Tetris plus Robot Wars. Which makes it... Well, pretty ridiculous fun, really. God moves in mysterious ways. Unless he's making multi-wheeled versions of his son and bombing Darwin from on top of a cloud. That seems to be standard procedure, really.

Finally, we all re-spawned upstairs for a musical highlight to end the evening. Hit after hit of comedy videogames karaoke re-writes, featuring an exclusive 5 Star worthy collaboration between LeftLion and the One Life Left  team on Prince's lesser known track about the hunt for the Origami Killer, 'Heavy Rain'. I can only report that this soulful and very moving rendition was indeed the zombies' knees, and certainly not the usual type of Rock Meter draining guff I usually wail out when put anywhere near a mike. Honest.

Top night, chaps. Still, we're not quite finished yet. Keep your GameCity schedule handy , and I'll see you tomorrow in the Market Square when we can all Link up and confirm how much Nottingham Hyrules…

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