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16 April 12 words: Alison Emm
What we don’t want is to show inaccessible, overly highbrow films which are a chore to watch
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What is Kino Klubb?
We’re a monthly film club that shows great films which don’t often get shown at the cinema.

How did Kino Klubb start?
Myself, Lotti Closs and Tara Hill - we all love a good film. We enjoy watching new and old films at home, going to the cinema, discussing releases and their surrounding stories, and like the experience of sharing and introducing each other to new or classic films. Often we’d chat about what we had seen or wanted to see and we’d end up talking about how good certain films would be on the big screen - if we had our own cinema…the possibilities. So we thought we’d just actually get to it and make it happen ourselves.

Is there a Kino Klubb manifesto?
Films are made for the cinema; it’s how the director envisaged them and the experience that goes with it is something that can’t be wholly appreciated on your telly in the living room. We aim to show films that we think are visually stunning and extraordinary in their power to evoke an all encompassing world, ones that really bring an artistic vision or story to connect to. Overall, we want people to come to our film nights and leave having had a unique, interesting and exciting experience.

How do you make the screenings special to set them aside from other film nights in the city?
One of our influences is Alex Cox’s seminal Moviedrome series on BBC2; it seemed a real labour of love and he wanted to try and show his audience something fantastic and unbelievable. The way he introduced each screening with his sardonic monologues was inspiring and provided such an education in cinema. So taking Moviedrome as an inspiration, it would make us proud if we helped someone find some new favourite films to love.

Alongside the film we like to show shorts that we feel are a reflection of the themes or imagery in the main feature.  We also like to give a little background information, an insight on the making of or the surrounding pop culture myth, of the films we show.  We do short intro’s, free screen printed booklets, and sometimes short special performances. At our last screening, Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, local artist Suzy Fauxpas did a puppet show featuring an life-sized model of the Klaus Kinski -the lead actor - reading excerpts from his biography about his experiences on set. Plus, we always have a dressing up theme and encourage the audience to get involved!

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What sort of films are you hoping to bring to the people of Nottingham?
Films which are different, that show you something you may have never seen and which may not often get shown on the big screen, often because they didn’t have a big distribution in the UK or because they’re older films. What we don’t want is to show inaccessible, overly highbrow films which are a chore to watch.

You use Screen 22, which is quite intimate…
Yeah, it’s on Broad Street and was formerly The Screen Room, it’s had a complete refurbishment including a fantastic new projector and a new sound system. Films look and sound incredible through that system - Suspiria has never looked so good! It only has twenty-two seats but it is quite a nice thing as it gives quite an intimate experience.

How often do you have screenings?
We have a monthly screening at Screen 22, always on a Thursday night. Our next screening will be on Thursday 19 April and we will be showing Michael Haneke’s (director of Funny Games, and most recently The White Ribbon) 1992 film, Benny’s Video. We also have secret screenings at locations a big less frequently, maybe every two to three months.  We tell people about those via email, you can sign up to our mailing list on our blog.

The posters for your screenings are pretty cool, do you have an in-house artist?
Tara designs and hand screen prints the posters. We have copies which we sell at the screenings. However, if someone is interested in doing a poster for one of our coming events they can contact us via email if they like.

How do you find Nottingham for cinema and the arts in general?
It’s great. There are a lot of people who want to do interesting things and people are always keen to support each other. Screen 22 have been amazing, they understand exactly what we want to do and have been very supportive and it’s been lovely working with them. We love what Kneel Before Zod are doing and Mayhem have been a massive inspiration for us too. Nottingham is also so lucky to have a cinema as brilliant as the Broadway.

What makes watching a film on a large screen so special for you?
I know it sounds very clichéd but even if you have a huge state of the art home theatre system, there is nothing like the atmosphere of sitting with other people and watching it in a proper cinema. You don’t have any distractions and you can just sit and enjoy the film.  We see the cinema as a place that can liberate you from the everyday; it can bring new and different perspectives on life, and you can just get lost in a good story.

Kino Klubb’s upcoming films to stick in your diary are: Michael Haneke’s Benny's Video, Thursday 19 April; Ken Russell’s The Boyfriend, Thursday 31 May; Brian De Palma’s The Phantom Of The Paradise Thursday 28 June; Lindsay Anderson’s If…, Thursday 26 July; Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita, Thursday 30 August. Tickets are available from Screen 22

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