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Waterfront Festival

Rolo Tomassi

21 April 12 words: Daniel Cliffe
"With two of us living in Nottingham, its sort of a home-coming"
Rolo Tomassi Interview

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You've just completed a 14 date UK Tour with Architects - how's that been?
It's been a lot of fun, thanks. We've had a lot of time off recently and this is actually our first tour in about 7 months so its great to get back out and be playing shows again. Sheffield is probably my favourite of what we've played during this tour. It really felt like a home-coming and everything just seemed to come together perfectly when we played.

You've got two new members in the band. How have they been settling in?
They've both done amazingly. We practiced intensely before the tour to make sure we were up to scratch with our older material and have been playing a few new tracks live which were written with the new line-up. The atmosphere of the whole tour has just been totally positive and I think Chris and Nathan have played a big part in that.

I hear your tour bus got broken into on the tour...
We were staying at a Travelodge in Dublin and had our van parked outside the front. One of our guys went to grab something out of it and about 2am and found that the drivers side window and one of the back windows had been smashed in. Unfortunately we had an X-Box that was taken, and Eva had her cash tin taken. She sells hand-sewn items on the road and it was the only night she hadn't taken her money into where we were staying. It could have been a lot lot worse though and were lucky to have gotten away so lightly with it.

You're making your return to Nottingham playing Stealth at Hit The Deck Festival. Are you looking forward to it? 
Absolutely. I attended the festival last year and had a great time so it'll be fun to play. Its also been a good 18 months since we did a Nottingham show and now with two of us living in Nottingham, myself and Ed, its sort of a home-coming show.

Are there any other bands you're looking forward to seeing? 
I wanted to go watch Cancer Bats but the stage times for the festival were released recently, and we clash with them which is a shame.

Have you been playing any new stuff on the road? Will there be any new songs in the set for Hit The Deck?
We have yeah. There's a couple of new ones that haven't been recorded yet as well as our most recent single Old Mystics. They'll all be in the set for Hit The Deck. It's been a lot of fun to play new material and hopefully people will look forward to hearing it.

You're currently writing for the new album - how's that going?
We're about 70% of the way there. I would say all the music is written but we need to finish some of the songs themselves. Its a lot heavier and, in places, darker than previous material but there's also a lot of melodic ideas going on as well. It's the most direct and immediate of our material to date.

How has it been having members of the band in Nottingham and Sheffield?
We actually have band members in Nottingham, Sheffield and Brighton! It's difficult to make our schedules all work perfectly together but we do our best to make it happen. We've split the majority of rehearsals between Nottingham and Brighton and I'm really enjoying it. Brighton is one of my favourite places and having a legitimate excuse to be down there is great.

What does the next six months involve for Rolo Tomassi? 
We start playing festivals for a lot of the summer after Hit The Deck. Our plan is to go into the studio at the end of May to record album 3 which will be out in October. We're hoping. That will be followed by a UK and Europe tour that should lead into us touring the rest of the world. It's a very exciting time.

Rolo Tomassi play at Hit The Deck which takes place at various venues in Nottingham on Sunday 22 April 2012.

Rolo Tomassi website

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