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Good Idea Gumbo

16 August 12 words: Penny Reeve
Calling all creative types. There's soup and a chance to fund your new project at Show and Tell's Spoon Fed event
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Did you know that Frank Sinatra used to ask for chicken and rice soup to be placed in his dressing room before each performance? Or that Andy Warhol had soup for lunch for twenty years?

Us either, to be honest, but what we do know is that we bleddy love soup, especially when it’s served up with a big dollop of funding for you entrepreneurial Nottingham folk to get your hands on.

To coincide with World Event Young Artists, Show and Tell in association with The Collect bring you a new, bi-monthly micro-funding platform that aims to support creative Nottingham types in new ventures which maybe need a little help getting off the floor.

Each person that attends the event will be asked to contribute five pounds in return for a bowl of soup, which will be added  to a centralised pot (the money, not the soup) )and dished out at the end to a local project that the collective deem to have great potential.

It may sound a little scary, however Spoon Fed isn’t some horrific Dragon’s Den idea. Rather than sweating in a suit while standing in front of a panel of people that wouldn’t know creativity if it hit them in the face, you will be relaying your ideas to like-minded people, who each have a say in where their money goes.

Even if you attend and don’t pitch, or don't receive the funding this time, you may find that someone chowing down on a bit of pea and ham or  mulligatawny may have a skill, thought or piece of kit that could be of help to you. Plus, you’ll be in for one pretty darn good bowl of soup yourself.  

The event is open to artists, film-makers, chefs, community groups, musicians – you name it. All you have to do is submit your idea and prepare a brief presentation for the event. To do this just visit The Collect's website and follow the instructions. Couldn't be easier.

Spoonfed will be at Broadway Cinema on Sunday 9th September, from 4pm.

Spoonfed at Broadway

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