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LIVE: Rob Green and Harleighblu

19 December 12 words: Kristi Genovese
The soul Prince and Princess of Nottingham joined forces at The Bodega
Harleighblu Live Review

Harleighblu - Photo by Dave Goodwin

The soul Prince and Princess of Nottingham joined forces at The Bodega to celebrate what has been a great year for them both. Harleighblu was signed by Tru Thoughts at the start of the week, whilst Rob Green is using tonight to his second EP Learn to Fly.

The rumbling bass starts as Harleighblu takes to the stage, who impresses all set with her extensive vocal. Joined by a tight band, together they make a sultry soulful jazzy ensemble.

She shakes her hips glancing at people flirtily and taking the show completely in her hands. She has a dominating female touch that hints at everything a soul queen stands for, singing songs about guys being a Cassanova and lyrics like, “You play with me, I’ll play with your world.”

One highlight is her cover of Who’s That Girl by Eurythimics that sees Harleighblu pronounce every word like she is singing directly at somebody. With a range of song styles from hip shaking power ballads to saucy songs made for dancing to your partner, her lack of a one dimensional path is what makes the whole set enjoyable and hints to a full bodied album to come.

Keeping it short and sweet before leaving the stage she simply says “I’m Harleighblu” and is about to walk off until somebody in the crowd shouts “ten more songs”. She chuckles before giving us an ‘exclusive’ of a track never played live before. It leaves us in anticipation to hear what could be one of the best albums to come out of Nottingham next year.

Rob Green Live Review

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You’d think Elvis was about to go on stage judging by the sheer screaming from the women at the front, but when you have as much charm as Rob Green it’s obvious that he’s ticking all of the right boxes.

The three backing vocalists, who Rob calls his ‘Charlies Angels’ claim some of the attention from when their sweet yet powerful vocals get more prominence, but the main thing noticed is just how much fun every single person in the band is clearly having on stage.

The room becomes incredibly lively when the band covers Destiny’s Child’s Bills, Bills, Bills and completely make it their own. I can honestly say the cheers in between songs are probably the loudest I’ve ever heard in the venue, and coupled with the fact that almost everyone seems to know all his lyrics and greet every song with rabid applause, it’s clear Rob Green means something special to his fans.

Having won the Notts Young Creative Award for music this year and seeing his track Underdog get unsigned record of the week on BBC 1Xtra, it’s sure been a great year for Rob Green. Let’s hope 2013 is the start of massive things to come.

Rob Green and Harleighblu played at The Bodega on Friday 14 December 2012.

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