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Page 45 - Hope Larson & Bryan Lee O'Malley

7 December 12 words: Alison Emm
Christmas has come early for comic fans in Nottingham this Sunday
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Wander down Market Street and you will notice a tastefully filled window dedicated to the fine art of comics and a distinctive speech bubble sign telling you you’re at the one-stop comic shop of Page 45. We’re all aware now that comics are not just for kids, the stigma has long been lifted, and this gem of an independent shop that is testament to this having stood firm for nearly twenty years.

Stacked – very neatly - to the rafters with a host of comics and graphic novels, from the more common offerings to some rare finds, it’s a treasure trove for fans of words and pictures alike. Don’t believe us that this shop is pretty damn awesome? Shame on you, we never lie, and neither does one of the high priests of graphic novels, Neil Gaiman. He fancies it as the best graphic novel shop he’s ever set his inventive feet in. Oh, and they won the Diamond Comics Award for Best UK Retailer and the 2012 Best Independent Retailer in Nottingham award. And did I mention Neil Gaiman hearts them?

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If you’re new to comics and you can’t tell your Will Eisner from your Frank Miller, are wondering where exactly to start in the gargantuan Marvel back catalogue, or you have an aversion to superheroes and just want something pretty to indulge in, this is the shop to stop at. They are all obsessed and love nothing more than guiding you through their world without ever judging your dubious tastes, in fact they may even encourage them. Page 45 aren’t just about sorting out us aging readers either, they work with local schools and libraries too to encourage literacy in little ones – a bit more exciting than Peter and Jane, you’ll agree.

Page 45 are also rather fond of inviting some of the comic book world’s greatest stars over for a nice cuppa tea and a chat. One such couple who have recently RSVP’d are Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson, and they’ll be bringing their own pens to do some signing. If you haven’t dropped this magazine and started running around the room screaming yet, let me explain: for comic fans, Bryan and Hope coming to Nottingham is like Brad and Angelina popping into Broadway. Respective authors of Scott Pilgrim and Salamander Dream, the couple love our citeh so much that they disrupted their honeymoon to come to Page 45, and to be photographed with the lions. OK, the last bit may have been made up… But who cares, they’re back and if you missed them the first time - or can’t wait to see them again – get yourself down to Page 45 this weekend.  

Bryan Lee O’Malley & Hope Larson will be at Page 45 on Sunday 9 December from 1-4pm. Limited edition prints are available to buy for signing.

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