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Dick Venom & The Terrortones

6 February 12 words: Kimberley Winter
"If we can’t get ya crotch bewitched and itchin to twitch then nuthin' can"
Dick Venom & The Terrortones play at Tantra on Friday 10 February 2012 - image by Video Mat

Dick Venom & The Terrortones play at Tantra on Friday 10 February 2012 - image by Video Mat

How did Dick Venom & The Terrortones get together?
Well, there I was messing with the ‘gators and swamp gas slippin' around in some jungle Jain’s jellybean when bam! ...Just like that it hit me; the bad ass poundin of sugar beats on skins. I mean, I’d heard drums before but this was primal, and like a muskrat from a shotgun. I shot up to find this heavenly hitter, grabbed him by the collar and went lookin for others. And who did we find? Hell, it was Vicky Twist and Wrex St.Clair, the most troublesome twosome that I ever did meet. I got Twist by the hips, St.Clair by the hair and this is what we got...

How would you describe your sound?
It’s like a pantypartin', hiphole-houndin' hell’s bells’s ball of rockabillypunk. If we can’t get ya crotch bewitched and itchin to twitch then nuthin' can! Stuff some Stooges in a can, shake it up with The Cramps and maybe they're sumthin' like us.

How has your sound evolved since you started?
We ditched the blues for some bad bad joojoo, drank a whole loada bourbon, took a sidewipe and punk an took a jump in craterload of fury and filth. We all grew some balls... even Miss Twist.

What are your influences?
I can't say for the rest, but we all got our tastes. I personally like a healthy side helping of clam jam. I’m a sucker for sci-fi, garage and punk, rockabilly too as you can probably tell. Creepers, Cadillacs, cow-hide and corsets. Gimme any of these and you got a song!

Dick Venom and the Terrortones - image by Video Mat

Dick Venom and the Terrortones.
Image by Video Mat.

What were your highlights from last year?
Getting whipped by Gillian Anderson. That and 12Bar in Soho. Both times. The place looked more than damned empty, we played a few hours late and thought "man, this is one wasted trip". But oh my me, lo an behold, within half a song, that’s about 30 seconds, that room was the fullest sweatbox I ever did jump in. No crotch was left unsung to, no pint was left unspilt and everyone was pumped up and jumpin like a jackrabbit. I came out of that wetter than a skin canoe capsized.

What do you think of the music scene in Nottingham?
It’s good, there’s a whole loada bands and a whole loada places to play. It’s been good to us. We'll be good to it hopefully...

Who should we should look out for in 2012?
There’s a few. Practical Lovers are up there, X-Ray Cat Trio too.

What can we expect at your gig at Tantra?
A whole loada mess, it’s the one place in town dirtier than I am. Poles and beds... There’ll be us with all the titillating trimmings that you’ve come to expect; Practical Lovers, Crushing Blows, got some stickypants striptease from the Gory Hole a-go-go girls, every type of hell an havoc will be runnin in them panty paddocks. It’s gonna be big, showing the StickyPants Trance video for the first time. Wanna come help us get messy?

Any new years resolutions you'd like to share?
Get whipped by Gillian Anderson again.

And finally, what would you like from 2012?
We just wanna keep howlin an growlin and growin like we have been. Hookin up some gigs in Spain and US, see if we can't cause some rouble elsewhere. The video’s been taken up by a few networks so maybe we’ll see our ugly mugs on TV if we’re lucky. We've got an interview with a jazz mag lined up too – that’ll definitely be one hell of a highlight. And I don’t half need a new pair of stockings... there's only so much grease and grime one set of suspenders can take!

Dick Venom & the Terrortones single launch with support from Crushing Blows, Practical Lovers, Stiff Kittens and the Gory Hole A Go Go Girls takes place at Tantra on 10 February 2012.    

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