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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning at Nottingham Contemporary

29 June 12 words: Al Needham
Two-day Sillitoe session kicks off at Tempreh on Saturday with the film, Sleaford Mods and The Smears
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Bollocks to Batman; there's far more important cinematic depictions of the City of Snot knocking about than a few seconds of Bruce Wayne's gaff, and if you've not seen the definitive Notts film yet, shame on you. Obviously, we're talking about Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, the 1960 adaptation of Alan Sillitoe's novel that gave the British film industry a much-needed kick up the arse, and encapsulated the  Nottingham of our parents and grandparents - and for one weekend only, Nottingham Contempory and the Sillitoe Committee join forces to pay tribute to the book, the film, the author and the city that inspired him.

First up, at 7pm, there's a screening of the film in the Space. Put aside the fact that the only decent Notts accent belongs to Hylda Baker (who plays Arthur's Mam), stop wondering what it would have been like if the original casting had held up and it was Peter O'Toole getting pursued by Diana Dors (as opposed to Albert Finney and Shirley Anne Field) and allow yourself to be slapped in the face by post-war Notts. 

Once the film is over, it's into the Cafe Bar for a double-header with Notts musical gob-off royalty. Sleaford Mods - is often (and lazily) compared to The Streets, but while the latter sounds like you're being shouted at by John Major for breaking a window in his greenhouse, the former - AKA Jason Williamson - is the real deal; a scarily intense and abrasive performer who picks over the remains of post-punk ranting poetry and then drags it into modern times, where there's even more to be pissed off about.  

The night is topped off by a nailed-on incendiary performance by The Smears. Fresh from touring new LP Dirty Protest across Europe, this fearsome girlie power-trio have honed their anger to a sharp point and are better than ever. If you've not seen them yet, you need to.

The night will be hosted by LeftLion Editor Al Needham (who might be reading extracts from Alan Sillitoe's short stories, if time permits), and sweating over the decks as if they were a lathe in Radford will be DJ Mister Shotta. The film costs £6, and the gigs are free - but members of the Sillitoe Committee will be rattling a bucket for their campaign to get the man commemorated properly in Notts, so don't be a mingebag. And on the following Sunday morning, there'll be a Jazz breakfast from 11 til 3. If you've not got any bastards grinding you down this weekend, we can't think of a better way to spend it.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, from 7pm, Saturday June 30, Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, NG1 2GB

Alan Sillitoe Committee website



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