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LIVE: Sam Beeton

15 May 12 words: Eloise Moran
The lad from Carlton returns for a headline show
Sam Beeton Live

Sam Beeton

Sam Beeton has had an interesting couple of years; from being signed by Sony, to turning his back on it and courageously starting up his own unique scheme entitled The Record Club, a subscription style service that allows each of his devoted followers a new track of his every single month.

As one could imagine, this would mean Nottingham’s wonderchild has developed quite the following, and not just here, nor simply in England, but around the world. He has achieved rather a lot at the mere age of twenty-three; being a key face of Burberry’s Acoustic sessions, and having toured with The Script, and James Morrison to name a few.

Kagoule (minus their band) and Nina Smith with her flawlessly sweet sound supported, accompanied by her sidekick beatboxer, MotorMouf. Nina is another of Nottingham’s rising stars, and she was the perfect artist to pave the way for Sam Beeton’s performance.

Sam is a truly talented artist with a largely folky resonance (some songs had a Fleet Foxes kind of vibe), and beautifully soulful voice. He was most certainly on form on Saturday night, singing some of his most recognisable songs: My Doll - a big crowd-pleaser, and his latest single, Storyteller, as well as more from his Record Club sessions. He seemed grateful to be back in his hometown with many of his original supporters; and judging by the looks of pure adoration on the faces of the teenage girls who lined the front row, Sam did a very good job indeed.

At only twenty-three, and having already achieved more than many could dream of doing in a lifetime, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this talented young singer from Carlton is going far and beyond our little town of Nottingham. So, if you get the opportunity to see him live in Nottingham again, I can advise you now, do not miss it, as this guy is going places.

Sam Beeton played at The Glee Club in Nottingham on Saturday 12th May 2012.

Read an interview with Sam Beeton on LeftLion.

Sam Beeton website

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