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Firebird Trust

12 November 12 words: Beth Hewitt
Budding musicians will have a chance to shine as a musical charity arrives in the city to offer its services
Firebird Trust

Firebird Trust: Inspiring People Through Music

The Firebird Trust is an established non-for-profit organisation which offers opportunities for people to develop their creative musical skills. Working with professional freelance musicians, the trust engages in a variety of projects in different settings.

The organisation moved from their headquarters near Lincoln recently to set up a new base in New Basford. Since starting out 28 years ago Firebird has led projects all over the East Midlands, from hospitals to schools, and wishes to continue its hard work in Nottingham.

The philosophy of Firebird is 'Inspiring People Through Music', a mantra which has seen many people benefit. Working in a North West Leicestershire SureStart centre recently the volunteers from Firebird led an initiative called 'Rhythm and Rhyme' which encourages creative play between parents and children. One child in particular struggled to stay attentive and become engaged in one activity. However the work done by Firebird, which encourages communication skills and creates bonds between parent and child, helped this family immeasurably.

The family took Firebird's ideas home with them, where the father was inspired to buy a guitar and use music to engage the child in everyday routines. Speaking about the difference Firebird has made in their lives, the parent said “I think it’s been one of the best sessions since coming to SureStart – very interactive and culturally combining music from around the world with the rhymes… It’s very uplifting… makes me want to be creative…”

The team at Firebird are clearly an inspirational bunch, and heading up the team is Business Development Manager Kayleigh Glasper. Ms Glasper, who graduated with a degree in Music from Nottingham Trent University, took on the role 3 years ago. Kayleigh's passion for creativity is clear and her position gives her the chance to take the company in new directions in order to develop the business.

"My personal area of interest is healthcare", says Kayleigh, who became interested in the field after spending time working with patients in hospitals throughout France. Kayleigh worked with French organisation Musique et Sante, who truly believe music is the food of life. Kayleigh describes her time turning healthcare settings into cultural venues as 'the most rewarding experience'.

In addition to expanding their work into healthcare settings, Firebird continue to carry out the work they are renowned for, including working with local communities and, in particular, children. Firebird are currently awaiting the outcome of their bid to Nottingham City Council which, if accepted, will help to bring musical creativity in Nottingham schools. The project will attempt to combine music with the usual curriculum, "encouraging students to approach subjects such as languages, history, literacy and positive behaviour in a non conventional way"

Kayleigh is very proud of the team she has and looks forward to a busy future in Nottingham. She says, “I’m very lucky to be so well supported by great staff, board members and our creative team. We’ve had a very successful 9 months bringing in some new contracts working with exciting partners. I’m positive that with so much passion and dedication from everyone involved with the organisation that Firebird  will continue to thrive!”

The Firebird Trust are eager to make new connections in Nottingham and hear from people who need their help. To get involved follow @firebirdtrust on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

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