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Little Wolf Parade

7 November 12 words: Penny Reeve
"Lick the glitter from your wounds baby, and come join in the parade"


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What would happen if you took the time out to discover your own mind? To be subversive? To explore the unexplored? To laugh in the face of fear and to worship at the altar of beauty?

Fancy trying it out? Then this Saturday embrace the unexpected and head to 8 Stoney Street and allow I'm Not From London to treat you to an experimental, subversive experience. Artists from all over the UK, ney - the world - will be converging to bring us the best in sculpture, performance art, burlesque, music and comedy.

Your leader through this Gonzo'esque trip will be Captain Pigheart of Nottingham based improvised comedy group, MissImp. I doubt he’ll hold your hand, but he may prevent you from wandering off the path and into the wolf’s mouth.

There are too many conjurers of the unknown, too many alchemists of the macabre to mention here, however as a teaser here are a couple of acts to quash the urges for a while:

Emerald Ace - Burlesque with a comedy twist, Emerald watch your eyes, for the woman has a gravity defying bust and a sultry pout that would make Jessica Rabbit cry.

Simon Raven - We saw a photo by Simon, where he was naked and had a cat on his crotch. Not sure how we felt about that. However he likes to laugh in the face of normality, so you can expect he'll have something unique in store. Hopefully not including live animals. 

David Flint - the king of weirdiana, David knows everything and anything about slashy horror films, kinky sex and 70's sitcoms. On occasion, David hosts the hardest quiz in Nottingham, the last one being at last weekend's Mayhem.

Adam Rose - Chicagan self-proclaimed 'antibody' Adam specialises in altered consciousness and 'fearsome' dance. 

Tempted, like the most delicate of fingers is lured to touch the thorn of a rose? Us too. We'll be the ones in the red riding hoods.

“We are wolves …. and this is our place in the city.”

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Note: It may get a little hectic in there so if you’re feeling a little too immersed, there will be a chill out zone. Strobes and smoke machines will also be used, so be prepared.

Litlle Wolf Parade is on from 7pm Saturday 10 November. Tickets are £5

Little Wolf Parade website

Little Wolf Parade facebook page


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