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The Comedy of Errors

WEYA Screen Events

7 September 12 words: Alison Emm
From a cinema to a barber shop to a gallery. WEYA has landed

Bringing over 1,000 artists from 100 countries, World Event Young Artists – WEYA – is the first of its kind and us lucky, lucky people here in Nottingham are going to be the recipients of some first class creative treats for ten days. The programme of events, exhibitions, installations, gatherings, performances and interactive media will span every art genre from your basic paintings to gastronomy to workshops. A project aimed at everyone, this cornucopia of events is going to be taking over not only the international venues such as Nottingham Contemporary and New Art Exchange, but alternative venues across the city too.

So on with the screen based antics to watch, and watch out for, over the next ten days...


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Sigma 6 - Kim Stewart

The Cutting Room is a curatorial organisation initiated by Clare Harris and Jennifer Ross, producing events to engage and inspire new audiences through digital new media, film and performance.

Kim Stewart – Sigma 6
Friday 7 September, 1-6pm
Sigma 6 is a computer animation combining virtual reality sequences and live action images. Within the virtual world, suggestions of physical reality appear in reflective surfaces to cause the viewer to momentarily break their suspension of disbelief to be momentarily.


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Nottingham’s premiere independent cinema will be showcasing some of the best international short films from around the world along with an interactive installation by Marco Cecotto.

Marco Cecotto
Throughout the festival Broadway’s Studio will be home to Marco Cecotto's audio/visual landscape where he explores soundscapes and complex systems, working with handmade electronic instruments and open source software to create experimental multimedia installations.

World Shorts
Monday 10 September,
2.30pm & 4.30pm
A chance to see future stars of world cinema presenting an eclectic collection spanning the surreal to the sublime. The showreel features award-winning shorts produced by young filmmakers from Singapore, Uruguay, Mauritania, Italy and Slovenia. Not to be missed by fans of film, show times are.

Species of Spaces - Screening 1
Tuesday 11 September, 2.30-4pm

A Study of Relationships between Inner and Outer Space
David Llamelas - 1969, 20 mins
David Lamelas' first film analyzes the architectural, social, climatic, or sociological data that make up the exhibition's spatial environment, that of the institution and its geographical location. The film concludes with six interviews regarding the big news item of the day: the future "landing" of the first men on the moon.

The Girl Chewing Gum
 John Smith – 1976, 12 mins
A commanding voice over appears to direct the action in a busy London street. As the instructions become more absurd and fantastical, we realise that the supposed director (not the shot) is fictional; he only describes - not prescribes - the events that take place before him. Witty, many-layered, punning, but also seriously and poetically haunted by drama’s ineradicable ghost.

Der Rechte Weg (The Right Way)
Fischli & Weiss - 52mins

In The Right Way, "rat" and "bear" join forces again on an open-air hike in the majestic splendor of the Swiss Alps that soon finds them at the mercy of nature, not to mention their often fractious relationship and philosophical debates, as they try to make sense out of their experiences and the seeming chaos of the world.

Species of Spaces - Screening 1
Tuesday 11 September, 4.15-5.30pm

Un Homme Qui Dort (The Man Who Sleeps)
 Bernard Queysanne and Georges Perec
The Man Who Sleeps is a 1974 French drama film based on Perec's 1967 novel A Man Asleep. The story deals with a young student and his alienation as he wanders the streets of Paris. His inner musings are narrated in the form of an unwritten diary whilst the protagonist remains silent throughout the film.

World Music Village- Cinematic explorations from Canada, Uruguay, China & Bolivia
Tuesday 11 September, 7.30-11pm

Tuesday night will see Broadway’s Café Bar used to screen five cinematic explorations from Canada, Uruguay, China and Bolivia, which deal with music.


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Video Suite
Friday 7 - Sunday 16 September

New Art Exchange, a contemporary art gallery with a focus on African, African Caribbean and Asian art, is the largest facility of its kind outside of London. For WEYA they will be showing a selection of visual arts from around the world for the length of the festival.


alt text

Gonzo Unit
Friday 7 - Sunday 16 September

Founded and directed by Anna Schwanz and Rachel Murray, one of Nottingham’s newer curatorial teams, they host, curate and collaborate in exhibitions, residencies and international projects.

Alejandra A. Noriega
Alejandra's work revolves around the metaphysical relationship of the body with its environment. She does this through installations where the video projections are accompanied by "memory" sculptures. 

Annabelle Ng
Annabelle's work draws on many sources, from the chance encounter with the quotidian beauty of the disregarded mechanism to the ambient sound of the city and the wonder of the collision of aural textures.Manabu Kanai
An artist who uses installation, painting, video and computer programming as mediums of expression and believes that the most significant thing is not the content but the form of art.

Sanjeev Thakur
His on-going project, Family Ties, was featured at the 2nd Singapore International Photography Festival and was shown at the Goethe Institut, Germany and Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi, India. He currently works on editorial assignments in between his long term personal projects.

WEYA runs at venues across the city from Friday 7 - Sunday 15 September. See their website for ful details of all the events.

WEYA official website

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