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The Hip Priests

19 April 13 words: Paul Klotschkow
Vinyl fanatics Austin Rocket and Nathan Von Cruz from the band discuss their favourite crate digging moments

Iggy Pop/James Williamson - Jesus Loves The Stooges 7”
There’s nothing better than the excitement of finding records you don’t have by one of your favourite bands. I picked this up from the sadly missed Anarchy Records on Mansfield Road in Notts. I’ve no idea where they got their stock from but they used to get some killer stuff in and I picked up loads of gems in there. I think I was buying a Dictators album when the guy behind the counter asked if I was interested in punk 7’’s at all and when I answered ‘Yeah, of course’ he pulled out a box of stuff he’d just got in. After flicking through the usual Clash, UK Subs etc singles there were three Stooges 7”s all in perfect condition and my clammy hands couldn’t get them out the box quick enough. As none of them were priced I assumed this was his rarities box and they’d all be pretty expensive but it turned out he just hadn’t had time to price them and he charged me £3.00 for one of the favourite singles I own. Austin Rocket

Nashville Pussy – Let Them Eat Pussy LP
Several years ago I sadly had to sell most of my record collection to pay the bills and alot of stuff I let go, I knew I’d struggle to find again, especially at an affordable price. When I started collecting again a few years ago, I was trying to fill some of those gaps but not having much luck finding stuff in second hand stores in the UK. Then, on a holiday to the US, I visited the mecca that is Amoeba Records in San Francisco. This place is immense and stocked with so much vinyl it’s hard to know where to look first! Literally the first section I went to I spotted this at the front of the racks straight away. One of the best debut albums ever recorded, in perfect condition and on the original label too. One less gap in the collection to fill...Austin Rocket

Zodiac Mindwarp – Backseat Education 12”
Even most of my vinyl loving friends fail to understand my enjoyment of searching through box after box of unsorted vinyl in the Aladdin’s cave that is Rob’s Records. I’ve probably spent way too many hours in there over the years but that makes it all the better when you unearth a gem such as this 12” in its ribbed rubber sleeve! I probably own way more Zodiac Mindwarp records than any one man should cos they basically wrote one song and rehashed it over and over again but there’s so many things I’ve always loved about them - the filthy lyrics, the over the top videos and the fact they look like total and utter scumbags. Probably one of the biggest influences on The Hip Priests to be honest, in every way. Austin Rocket

Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer 12”
As well as record shops, I’ve picked alot of cool stuff at car boot sales. It’s always hit and miss whether you’ll find anything worth buying when you’re flicking through box after box of Madonna, Kylie and Chas & Dave albums, but occasionally I’ve found gold. It’s always the unlikeliest of places that you find it too. At a car boot in Lincolnshire, there was an old bearded farmer selling mainly rusty old tools as well as a box of what looked like the usual crap 80s pop records. Then literally at the very back of the box was this Dead Boys 12” with the extortionate price tag of 20p! Holy fuck, I couldn’t pay the man quick enough. Austin Rocket

Iggy and the Stooges -  I Got A Right 7” Picture Disc
Every time the words record shop and Nottingham are mentioned in a sentence then Selectadisc has to mentioned, it’s just the law. Over half of my record collection was brought from there. This record being one of them. I know that the Stooges have already been mentioned (I was going to write about Rocket From The Crypt) but the influence that Iggy and the Ashton’s have had on the Hip Priests means that they deserve a further mention and also the fact that this 7” is a fucking diamond. As soon as you see the picture printed on the grooves (Iggy sparked out on the floor of a LA Club, his bare chest slashed and bleeding while being held up/ or whipped by a Nazi uniformed Ron Ashton) you know you are in store for something different.  The Stooges in this record shape and influence the next 10 years of rock n roll. Nathan Von Cruz

The Saints - (I’m) Stranded LP
This is from another record shop that unfortunately is no longer in existence. New Cross records was in-between a cat rescue charity shop and an old women’s fashion boutique at the arse end of what was once the main shopping promenade in Sutton in Ashfield. It only opened on a Friday afternoon and Saturday, as the owner had a full time job as a Food Safety Inspector for the local council. Inside the shop looked like a cross between Steptoe’s parlour and a jumble sale in Beirut. But if you were on first name terms with John the owner and gave him lists of what records you wanted, he would disappear into the “back room”, sometimes up to an hour at a time and then reappear with pristine records by the Dead Kennedys, The Jam and whatever I was curious to get hold of that week.

I would have never brought this record if I had not been introduced to The Saints by the X-Rays (they used to close their live set with Erotic Neurotic which is on this LP and was the reason for me buying it). They look pretty “unpunk” by all accounts on the sleeve, podgy bellies, bald heads and flare’s – but don’t let the looks fool you. This is high octane, full throttle rock n roll of the highest and finest order. The Saints are often overlooked when people write and talk about punk, buying this record made me then discover a whole raft of Australian punk bands which, like The Saints, have never really been given the respect and attention they deserve. Nathan Von Cruz

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in UK/ I Wanna Be Me 7” Bootleg
I have not been to Hull for many a year (thank fuck). I’m not sure if Fat Larry’s is a record shop or not? It seemed like some Cash Traders type affair that amongst the second hand (nicked?) mountain bikes, Atari game consoles, Air rifles and battered old metal detectors had a load of really cool vinyl for sale. I did get some great finds from here Sonic Youth's Bad Moon Rising, Laughing Hyenas and Birthday Party records. This is the not the EMI original (now that would truly be a find) but a French bootleg proclaiming “Banned in the UK” across the sleeve and was 3 quid wisely spent. It contains one of the best B-Sides ever recorded (I Wanna Be Me) which everyone should go and download and/or shop lift it from Woolworths as soon as you finish reading this article. Nathan Von Cruz

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Controversial Negro LP
Live albums are a patchy affair. At worst you get sub standard renditions of popular favourites with pre recorded applause dubbed over the top to give the listener the illusion of actually “being there”. At best you get this – the sound of a band that has truly come into their own, who are constantly reinventing their songs and sound night after night and using the chaos of their live show (and the energy of their audience) to take each song to a brand new level. There are all sorts of rumours about this record, there are apparently only 100 vinyl copies in existence and allegedly JSBX got into trouble with the Rolling Stones legal people due to the cover (a Warholesque screen printed photo of Jagger with a “ JSBX Negro” sticker slammed across his mouth). I didn’t buy this record, I actually won it in a raffle! 33 Degrees in Austin, Texas were running an event in their shop to save the local student radio station. The whole shop was turned into a live space with beer, local bands and giveaway prizes with the whole local musical community coming out to show support and I left after an amazing evening with an amazing souvenir. Nathan Von Cruz

LeftLion & The Music Exchange's Record Store Day party with Hang, The Cusp, I Am Lono and The Hip Priests takes place at Spanky Van Dykes on Saturday 20 April 2013. Further information on LeftLion or click here for the Facebook event.

Make sure you get yourself down to The Music Exchange earlier in the day where they will be selling loads of exclusive Record Store Day vinyl and at 4pm David Thomas from Pere Ubu will be doing an exclusive spoken-word instore performance.

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