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About Face

18 August 13 words: Rachel Elderkin
A double bill of portraiture at The Harley Gallery
Yelena Popova
 Yelena Popova

Two very different faces of portraiture come together in this latest exhibition at The Harley Gallery. Regional artists George Hardy and Yelena Popova both explore portraiture but despite the shared theme each produces work with a very different outcome, as this contrasting exhibition reveals.

About Face, which will run from 21 August to 3 November, showcases the work of both artists alongside each other. Hardy’s exhibition, Face to Face, features large-scale and densely worked portraits. His bold and defiant artworks also include images of members of the local community. However, these hyper-realistic portraits are in fact created with a simple biro, lending his detailed images a touch of irony. As Hardy says; "Biros are cheap, everywhere and often seen as a throw-away object. I love the magical simplicity of a large, detailed and almost photo realistic artwork being made using a Biro on paper."

alt text
                     Ezekial Bone by George Hardy

In contrast, Popova’s exhibition, The Portrait Gallery, fills the gallery walls with an installation of paintings. Her abstract forms are inspired by historical portraiture and occasionally a glimpse of the subject remains, through a trace of detail or perhaps a hint of drapery.

Both artists have looked to the local community for their inspiration, with Hardy’s direct portrayal of local members and with Popova seeking inspiration from some of the portraits in Welbeck’s Portland Collections, the art collection of the Cavendish Bentinck family.

There will also be an opportunity to meet both artists on Saturday 31 August from 1-3pm. This is a chance to chat with two very different artists about their work and practice and a great opportunity to see an exhibition which offers a rather unique take on portraiture.

About Face will be showing at The Harley Gallery, Welbeck, from Wednesday 21 August to Sunday 3 November 2013. The Harley Gallery is on the A60 between Mansfield and Worksop, 10 minutes from the A1 and M1. Entrance and parking is free.

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