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Lois Gardner Sabet

24 August 13 words: Helen Gellion
Layers of Meaning

Lois Gardner Sabet: Ringing Rocks

Lois Gardner Sabet: Ringing Rocks

Lois Gardner Sabet's current exhibition at the Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, plays with the use of layers of watercolour; opaque applications of gouache applied to hand-made Japanese or Shoji paper. It is a technique that allows Sabet to explore the unity of contrasting themes.

The first of these themes gives a nod towards textiles, with several of the artworks’ abstract shapes and forms resembling enlarged knitted or woven materials. Stride is such a work, dominant waves of red overlapping like woven links. Here is Sabet's show of respect for the medium of fabric conveyed through paint and paper.

Lois Gardner Sabet: Inside Outside

Lois Gardner Sabet: Inside Outside

The second theme sits somewhat in juxtaposition to the first. Sabet explores the expression of music through painting, using imagery and patterns to capture sound and rhythm. As she explains: 'While painting is perceived all at once, music only exists through the passage of time. When there is engagement with these paintings the eye travels in many directions, over and through the multi-layered surface of the painting, and one can experience time within the inherent stillness of the work.' It is a technique that creates a visual expression of sound, a way of revealing the layered complexity of a musical score. A Capella uses strong, bold tones and expanses of colour with brief streaks of green and white, to depict the different musical instruments which, through music, gather in unison. It is a work that truly creates a visual melody on paper.  Lois Gardner Sabet: Inside Outside

Amidst the brilliance of colour stands a single pencil drawing; Sabet has recently found herself returning to this medium. Similar techniques of layering are applied through various sketches and smudges, erasing and re-drawing. A Hundred Thousand Hopes builds up abstract images which resemble a microscopic image of cell structures or a geological rock feature. Sabet's interest in both biology and geology has created, once again, a vision of distinct similarity among opposites. 

This is an exhibition that not only explores two different elements but which creates a whole symphony of mixed visions. Sabet neatly brings these together to create a wonderful collection of abstract imagery. Through collating a mix of seemingly unrelated elements in one room Sabet has produced an exhibition which expresses a sense of unity in everything.


Lois Gardner Sabet’s exhibition is showing at the Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, from Saturday 3 August to Sunday 15 September.




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