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White Lily

9 August 13 words: James Walker
Who needs Roswell when you've got Bulwell...


We love Star Wars, but this is about the impact it had. Before then, science fiction films were often quirky, created by mavericks with something so unusual to express that only a genre equipped for the fantastic could communicate it. After that...well, look at the state of play now. Bloated, effects-led franchises high in decibels and mostly devoid of heart and spark.
There are delightful exceptions of course - Moon and Monsters are two of our reference points. And we see White Lily as existing within that tradition, which also in our view points back to classics like Silent Running and Dark Star. ('We' = me - writer Adrian Reynolds - and director Tristan Ofield.)
At its core, White Lily is a simple story. One that takes a situation you've seen before and does something different with it. In a genre that's all about what's alien, we want to explore what it is to be human.
There are other people I could have worked with. But to realise a vision you need people who connect with it, and that's what unites the White Lily team. Director Tristan Ofield has a keen eye for visual storytelling, which when combined with Director of Photography Alistair Little's uncanny ability to work with light produces breathtaking results. With White Lily, we're excited to be taking that to the next level with the possibility of shooting on 35mm. (And if not, we'll be using great pro equipment anyway.)
I'd worked with actor David McCaffrey first on my play Breaking In, when he was captivating in the London production, bringing new life to a part I thought I'd already seen the definitive take on. And he has a part in my supernatural thriller serial Making Sparks, which also features the extraordinary acting talent of Siddhii Lagrutta, nominated in 2012 for Best Female Performance for Ondine by the Off West End Awards.
Darren Bourne and Dick Hetherington create sophisticated electronica as odD, and have collaborated with creators in other artforms. I knew their meticulous leftfield approach to audio would result in unique sound for White Lily. They're joined by Sounds of Gladness in doing remixes for the downloadable EP that's one of our rewards.
Max Crow is the immensely gifted director and animation whizz at the National Space Centre. His work on their planetarium shows is jawdropping, and thanks to his friendship with Tristan he's going to be sprinkling some stardust over White Lily. (Stardust is a technical term.)

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