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The Black Veil

Let The Beacon Shine

5 December 13 words: Ali Emm
The St Ann's project and The Howie Smith Project have combined forces to re-open The Beacon for the community
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The St Ann’s Project and The Howie Smith Project have come together to re-open The Beacon on
Bluebell Hill in St Ann’s. Formerly a pub, it’s been derelict for years and, to be frank, was a bit of a blight on the landscape. They’re re-opening it as a selfsustainable place where the community can come together to share, learn, swap skills, teach, meet, eat, develop, fix, make and create. That’s a lot of things right there but it’s all possible and in a safe, central environment.
This isn’t a project that’s aimed at young or old, it’s for everyone. They’re already whipping it into shape but they’ll be needing your help in 2014 so get liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter and just generally checking in with their progress on their blog.

Their Kickstarter campaign ‘Let The Beacon Shine’ will be collecting much needed funds for the project, so put your hand in your pocket and give your city a decent Christmas present. Every little helps to make big things happen.

Let The Beacon Shine Kickstarter page
St Ann's Project website

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