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Pick of the Week: 9 - 15 December

8 December 13 words: POTW
Sod the Christmas shopping, go and have some fun instead this week at all these awesome Nottingham events
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Farmyard Presents…
Local promoters Farmyard are putting on a poptastic night of nosh and booze at JamCafé for a bit of a seasonal singing knees-up. What’s not to love? You can expect a right mix of ear-pleasing melodies from the likes of Rebecca King, Hearts, Hontis, Esther Van Leuven and Claire Schofield. You’ll leave with a full tum - if you get down early enough to get a look in - and a catchy tune stuck in your head. It’s free as well, so you have no excuse to not to at least show your face for a bit.
Thursday 12 December, free, JamCafé, Heathcote Street, NG1 3AA

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Pop Up Pin Up Shop
If you’ve left your Christmas shopping a bit late again, and you want to get something totally unique and a bit risqué as well, then look no further. Nottingham-based illustrator Charlotte Thomson-Morley has a thing for drawing those saucy little pin up girls you’d see back in the forties. You can have a look, touch - if you’ve washed your hands - and even buy plenty of original artwork, prints, gifts and greetings cards that are sure to bring a smile to even the most miserable bah humbugs.
Runs until Tuesday 24 December, 10am – 4pm, Hopkinson Gallery, Station Street, NG2 3AJ

Pop Art To Brit Art
Lakeside have got a bleddy special exhibition on at the minute, Pop Art to Britart is meant to be “one of the most important collections of late-twentieth century and contemporary art in private hands”. A large portion of the exhibition comes from David Ross, founder of the Carphone Warehouse and University of Nottingham Alumus, and most of these works have never been seen before, so get yourself down there. It was even opened by the director of the Tate, Sir Nicholas Serota, so it’s a pretty big deal.
Runs until Sunday 9 February, free, Lakeside Arts Centre, University Park, NG7 2RD

Scrooged – Straight To Video Christmas Party
Those soundtrack loving fellas at Straight To Video are celebrating Christmas the only way they know how, by watching an retro Christmas film over at the world’s smallest cinema, Screen 22. They’re not getting too schmaltzy and will be showing the Bill Murray Christmas classic Scrooged, but it’s bound to fill everyone with some proper holiday spirit. You’ve got more than just the film to look forward to though, they’re also doing a bunch of giveaways and a massive raffle. No Scrooges there then...
Wednesday 11 December, £11, Screen 22, Broad Street, NG1 3AP

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Gorilla Burger
Fancy yourself as a bit of a funnyman? Reckon you can tickle the mardiest of folk? Well you’re gonna bloody love this then. Gorilla Burger is an improv comedy night, where everyone’s name is thrown into a hat, and whoever gets picked out has the pleasure of taking to the stage to tell the jokes they’ve been gagging to tell everyone. Or you could just chill out, meet some lovely people and watch some great uncensored improv. It’s BYOB too, so don’t worry about paying crazy prices for your drinks.
Thursday 12 December, £4, The Corner, Stoney Street, NG1 1LH

Curating Sound Performance
Here’s something a bit different: take several musicians, throw them into the Park Tunnel, and see how the artists and their music are acoustically affected by their unusual surroundings. Saxophonist John Butcher will be performing a solo acoustic piece, a new collaborative piece from Rebecca Lee and Jack Harris, as well as artist and musician Phillip Henderson who will be exploring sound reverberations as he moves through the space. There will also be a panel discussion on the Wednesday at Nottingham Contemporary if you want to delve deeper into the matter. The tunnel is an outside event though, don’t forget your gloves and scarf.
Thursday 12 December, free, Park Tunnel, Derby Road

Fat Digester
Fat Digester are one of them bands that are pretty much impossible to describe. They call their sound a “heavy mix of funk, soul and hip-hop”, but really you have to give them a listen to understand what I’m talking about. One thing that I can easily describe is their stage presence though… it’s bleddy massive. They command the stage with their catchy hooks, big beats and grooving tunes, and this Thursday they’re taking Contempreh’s bar stage. Make sure to get yersen down there for one big night of moving and shakin’.
Thursday 12 December, Free, Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, NG1 2GB

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Little Wolf Parade
Little Wolf Parade are celebrating one of the most important birthdays of all – their first. And in proper birthday style they’re chucking a party, but no ordinary one, oh no. You’re all invited to celebrate with them with a night of art and performance that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t squeeze into a neat little box to describe. Expect the surreal, the astounding, the humorous and the beautiful from these party animals. The bash is taking place at the Creative Quarter pop-up store on Fletcher Gate, but your ticket includes ‘goodies’ to get you through to the after party at Suede Bar.
Friday 13 December, £8/£6, 6pm, Creative Quarter Pop Up Shop, Fletcher Gate, NG1 2FS

Hockley Rocks   
Throughout the weekends of December, Hockley Rocks is taking over the streets of, you guessed it, Hockley. There’ll be a stage plonked straight in the middle of Hockley Square, with performances from the likes of Connor Spray, John Hardy and Faith Tucker accompanying your stroll. Have a walk down the cobbled streets, enjoy a coffee from one of the independent cafes with all the cool kids that hang out down there. Maybe even treat yourself to a frock from one of the many shops in the area. One things for sure, you’ll leave agreeing that Hockley, does indeed rock.
Saturday 14 December - Sunday 15 December, free, 12 - 4pm, Hockley

Johnny and The Raindrops
Having fun isn’t just for adults, and if anyone can show you how to have uninhibited fun it’s kids. For a family friendly festive treat, drag your brood down to the Polish Eagle Club for kiddy favourites Johnny and The Raindrops. For those unfamiliar, they’re a bit like Westlife, but better cause they sing about pirates instead of girls. You can expect songs from their Christmas Is Happening albums, all your favourite Christmas classics and  plenteh fun, prizes and surprises to get everybody into the holiday spirit. Skidding across the floor on your knees is encouraged.
Saturday 14 December, £4, 2 - 4pm, Polish Eagle Club, Sherwood Rise, NG7 6JN

Screen 22 Die Hard Marathon
If you want to take a step back in time to the golden days when Bruce Willis had hair and made good films, Screen 22 are running a Die Hard marathon. Watch the first three Die Hard’s - the proper ones - back to back. It’s not overkill, it’s Christmas. They’re also laying on pizza, snacks and a drink, perfect for a day of movie binging. Deemed as some of the best action films of all time, do you think you can handle it? Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!
Sunday 15 December, £52/£38, 12.15pm, Screen 22, Broad Street, NG1 3AP

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