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23 February 13 words: Various
We asked fourteen local music experts to select the Nottingham bands and artists they were most excited about in 2013
The Afterdark Movement - Photo by Carla Mundy

The Afterdark Movement - Photo by Carla Mundy

The Afterdark Movement

"What excites me about this band is the vocal chemistry between the female singer Nat and the male rappers Bru-C and Ben Trekkah. Whilst there is originality to their songs, they still manage to have a very infectious style.

“The musicians in the band work together to create a high energy backdrop, leaving room for the rapping and singing to fuse together in perfect harmony. Even if you are not a big fan of rap music, you're still grabbed by the beats and memorable lyrics."
Rastarella Falade, Cultural Vibrations

The Afterdark Movement website

Great British Weather - Photo by Carla Mundy

Great British Weather - Photo by Carla Mundy

Great British Weather

"Every year the same publications spout the same nonsense; 'Guitar music's dead!' one cries, 'There aren't any decent bands in the UK!' replies another. Of course, they're wrong, and if they bothered to venture outside of their Dalston comfort zones they'd realise that too.

“I'd put Great British Weather head to head with the cream of East London any day of the week, safe in the knowledge that Nottingham's best-kept secret would win hands down. Since winning 2010's Bands in the Sand competition, they've steadily honed their sound into a wiry concoction of awkward yet danceable post-punk discordance.

“More importantly, they sound like nothing else this city has to offer, and write songs more prolifically than a traffic warden scribbles parking tickets."
Dom Gourlay, Drowned In Sound

Great British Weather on Facebook
See them at JamCafe on Friday 29 March with Wanderlings and A Night Underwater.

Grey Hairs - photo by Dom Henry

Grey Hairs - photo by Dom Henry

Grey Hairs

"Shun professionalism, play dumb and play loud.
No philosophy, no agenda. Just loud.
Grey Hairs are messy, drunk and most importantly, fun.
Live they are exciting due to their unpredictability.
No one wants to watch boring bands.
They make the kind of music that British bands usually do badly.
A sound of heavy riffs smashing against midlife boredom.
They have songs about darts and Can box sets.
A supergroup played with the naïve energy of a 6th form band.
Plus they have Dave on drums.
Every band should have Dave on drums."
Joey Bell, The Music Exchange

Grey Hairs webpage
See them at The Chameleon on Saturday 23 February with The Hip Priests and Deadcuts.




"Her talent is so blatant that I almost feel contemptuous for having to write this statement. Ever since I first saw her perform live at a Confetti student gig she’s always been a ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ artist, that oozes soul out of every atom of her being.

“She has an incredible, powerful and distinctive voice plus a magnetic stage presence. A gifted writer too; her collaborations with Joe Buddha are producing so many gems that ubercool record label Tru Thoughts have signed her up. Looks like ‘when’ will be sometime very soon. Oh, and her mum rules."
Mark Del, Nusic

Harleighblu on Tru Thoughts website
See her with Rodney P, Klashnekoff, Mr Thing and Renegade Brass Band at The Lacehouse on Friday 15 February.




"Since making her live debut in the Market Square last spring, she's developed at an astonishing rate, both as a songwriter and as a performer. On stage at the Theatre Royal just six months later, backed by a live orchestra, she delivered a compelling, masterful set, giving us a glimpse of the major artist that she now seems destined to become.

“Her particular skill lies in conveying intense emotions with absolute conviction, with an interpretive style that can switch from lip-chewing vulnerability to steely-eyed fury in the space of a single line. More recorded work is on the way and it can’t come quickly enough."
Mike Atkinson, The Guardian

Indiana on Tumblr

Injured Birds - photo by Dom Henry

Injured Birds - photo by Dom Henry

Injured Birds

"I first discovered them at a small midweek gig at The Maze and I remember thinking they wouldn't be playing shows that intimate for much longer. Folky but with an interesting cinematic twist, no two songs feel the same, and although it’s quite minimalist there’s a lot to discover lyrically and musically - definitely my favourite use of a banjo in recent times.

“They’re a great live band and now they’ve been snapped up by Denizen and released their debut album I expect to see much more from them in 2013. I recommend you get to a gig sharpish"
Hannah Larham, Audacious Face

Injured Birds on Wordpress
See them at JamCafe on Friday 15 March with Parks and We Show Up On Radar.

Kagoule - photo by Ashley Bird

Kagoule - photo by Ashley Bird


"They're probably more than a little tired of hearing this, but when I first heard Made of Concrete it really struck me how mature it sounded. That was before I heard their more Trosper/Cobain-influenced material, which completely blew me away, and they continue to do so.

“Whether you're watching them in Rock City main hall or at a café in Hockley they deliver the same amount of intensity in their live show. It helps that they're super nice and really grounded too, despite them playing that first gig on a stage once graced by Pixies, The Ramones and Nirvana."
Ben Ryles, DHP

Kagoule on Facebook
See them on Saturday 16 February at the Chameleon with Bilge Pump and White Finger.

Kappa Gamma - photo by Carla Mundy

Kappa Gamma - photo by Carla Mundy

Kappa Gamma

"Though only a couple of years old, Kappa Gamma have captured the imagination and attention of gig-goers in Nottingham - and beyond - in a way few other bands have managed. Live, they are tight and alluring with a confidence and level of musicianship which makes them as captivating to watch as to hear.

“Each of their tracks takes you on a journey with a rare combination of assured subtly and emphatic bursts of energy. In an era when musos seeking sonic adventure regard most guitar music as passé, Kappa Gamma buck the trend."
Dean Jackson, The Beat, BBC Nottingham

Kappa Gamma website

Saint Raymond - photo by Debbie Davies

Saint Raymond - photo by Debbie Davies

Saint Raymond

"Jake Bugg, Sam Beeton, and now Callum Burrows. ‘B’ boys with acoustic guitars are as common as Sunday morning pavement barf. But every now and again they plunder the past and do something special with it.

“He’s a ranting maniac on Twitter, and so what if he’s done a cover of a One Direction song? It shows the confidence that he has in his abilities - abilities that have been recently recognised by DHP, who last year gave him well-deserved support slots with Gabrielle Aplin and Indiana."
Simon Wilson, Nottingham Post

Saint Raymond on Facebook
See him at the Bodega on Tuesday 5 March with Lewis Watson and Kimberley Anne.

Georgie Rose - photo by David Baird

Georgie Rose - photo by David Baird

Georgie Rose

"She flatters to deceive - a small young girl in a Fred Perry shirt and Levi jeans with a guitar that looks as big as her. But don't let her small stature and youth trick you; her voice sends shivers down your spine, with her influences ranging from modern rock to classic blues and contemporary Americana.

“Since emerging just a year or so ago she's played support to some of the best touring artists coming to the city, hitting London for gigs during the Olympics and getting reviews from national press. If she continues to mature at the rate she did in 2012 expect big things soon"
Gaz Peacham, The Maze

Georgie Rose on Soundcloud
See her at Blow-Out on Friday 29 March.

Ryan Thomas - photo by David Baird

Ryan Thomas - photo by David Baird

Ryan Thomas

“He came out of the blue when he was recommended to us as a live guest on for our show by Parisa from Acoustickle back in June. He’s a clever songwriter and he blew us away with his dustbowl tunes, when he performed for us on the Notts Live stage at the Kimberley Pram Race in September.

“He was mesmerizing. His profile will greatly increase in 2013. He’s hard-working and honest and we see big things happening for him. He’s a breath of fresh air.”
Andy and Bainy, Notts Live, Trent Sound

Ryan Thomas on ReverbNation
See him at the Golden Fleece on Sunday 3 February.

Origamibiro - photo by Carla Mundy

Origamibiro - photo by Carla Mundy


"Despite their low-key releases, their two albums to date have become subterranean classics amongst contemporary music connoisseurs and musicians. Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh make music that accompanies the more beautiful experiences in life, with as much attention paid to sound and frequency as to the composition.

“Leonardo Da Vinci defined music as 'shaping the invisible', and I would say that Tom would agree with that notion. To experience their intricate live set is one of those experiences that have to be shared; a delicately woven and surprisingly emotional experience. It is not unusual for people to shed a quiet tear at their gigs."
Ste Allan, Nottingham Contemporary

Origamibiro website
See them live in The Space at Nottingham Contemporary on Friday 22 March.

Our panel consisted of:
Ste Allan (The Dealmaker Label), Andy and Bainy (Trent Sound), Mike Atkinson (The Guardian), Joey Bell (The Music Exchange), Mark Del (Nusic), Rastarella Falade (Cultural Vibrations), Dom Gourlay (Drowned In Sound), Dean Jackson (BBC Nottingham), Paul Klotschkow (LeftLion), Hannah Larham (Audacious Face), Anton Lockwood (DHP), Gaz Peacham (The Maze), Jody Rothera (Booker) and Ben Ryles (DHP).

Listen to all of the acts who made The Lion List 2013 on a special Sound of the Lion podcast.

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