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Tumble Audio

18 February 13 words: Paul Klotschkow
"It all came about around August last year. Majora, Killjoy, Sergic and Lyka were all sending me some great music"
Tumble Audio

We speak to Nottingham label, Tumble Audio

Hi, what have you been up to today?
I woke up, sent some emails, ate some scrambled egg, listened to a lot of grime, grime always gets you going in the morning.

How did you end up in Nottingham?
I have lived in Nottingham all my life, although I had a three year exodus to Leeds for university.

Why did you decided to start up Tumble Audio?
It all came about around August last year. Majora, Killjoy, Sergic and Lyka were all sending me some great music that did not fit with what we were doing with MIMM Recordings. At the time I was speaking to Sergic and Lyka about working on a project with them so it made sense to start a new label, it all happened quite naturally. Now we have a solid core group of producers all making some really exciting music and it’s turned into a kind of crew.

Can you tell me about the type of music you put out?
Tumble Audio is all about party vibes, it is the fun side of electronic music which is designed to make a dancefloor go nuts. Genre wise it’s a mixture of house, funky, grime and garage, its pretty much anything goes as long as it makes you wave your hands in the air and shout ‘woop woop’ uncontrollably.

What are your future plans and hopes for the label?
Over the next few months we will be releasing a lot more music, including tracks from Nottingham’s own Sergic & Lyka and also another solo release from Killjoy. We also have our first event coming up at the Bodega Social, which is on the 2 March with Dexplicit and Blackwax headlining. We also do a radio show on RoodFM on Mondays 10pm – 12pm with Rubberdub, and we will be getting a lot more local producers and DJ’s on the show every week.

What is the label’s association with Mimm?
Tumble Audio is a kind off sister label to MIMM Recording, I was being sent a lot of music that did not fit with the direction MIMM Recording was going so I decided to create another outlet for it, thus we created Tumble Audio.

It is early days for the label, but its all coming together really well, going forward there will be a lot more collaborations within the crew and we are currently working with a few vocalists which is really exciting. We are also planning more events in Nottingham and some further afield, but at the moment the main thing is establishing our brand in a hugely competitive music scene.

What’s your next release?
Right now we have Majora’s Boss Key EP dropping on the 18 February, which will be available online in all good digital stores. It is his first solo release under the name Majora and we are really happy to be releasing it, he’s a fantastic producer who ties together a lot of genres in his music, which you can hear on the EP. I think he’s got a big future ahead of him.

We hear a lot about how well the local music scene is doing, but a lot of the focus is the more traditional band types. What’s the electronic scene like at the moment and who should we be checking out?
The electronic music scene is very healthy at the moment production wise. On the dubstep side of things Anex, Gutcha, Fable and Congi are all making some fantastic music and I think they all have huge potential to take there sounds world wide. One of Nottingham’s most innovative producers Geiom also released a second album last year on Frisjo Beats which is well worth checking out. Wigflex also continue to push the boundaries of techno and electronic music in general, they have a Morris Cowan album dropping early this year. I also caught Curtz and Reaktor playing a DJ set at the last Rubberdub event and I was really impressed by them so look out for them this year. I also really rate what Origin One, Sergic, Lyka, Metske and Warren Xclnce are doing, so definitely give them all a listen.

There often seems to be a lack of crossover between scenes...
Nottingham has a really strong live scene and some really fantastic talent is coming out of it. With regards the electronic scene being sidelined because of that I don’t agree. There are a number of reasons in my opinion why the electronic music scene remains second fiddle to the band side of things. Firstly there is not enough outlets for local producers in Nottingham, there are only a couple of electronic music labels I can think of which are pushing producers from Nottingham, and also there is very little musical press devoted to covering what is happening within the electronic music scene.

Although I do believe these factors are due to the Nottingham club scene being massively regulated, ever since I started putting on my own electronic music events there has been constant pressure put on independent events from bigger brands to work within their regulations. These working parameters make it difficult for independent events, to book the artists they want to book, to work at venues they want to work at, and quite frankly makes it very difficult for promoters to do what they want to do in the city. This regulation is a real problem for the city’s electronic music scene as I believe it drives creative people to stop doing events or even move away from the city, as it is too difficult to build up a brand outside of the regulations, thus creating the electronic scene which we have which currently does not support local producers or promoters. There are a small number of local independent events including our own that have succeeded in this difficult market and continue to support and give opportunities to DJ’s and producers coming out of the Nottingham scene.

With regard the crossover question, I feel the problem is there is not enough communication between the electronic music labels and band labels for more collaboration to occur. I would definitely like to work on more remixes for local bands and see what could come out of it.

What other local labels should we be checking out?
On a local level, Wigflex, Berklane Sol, Magic Wire and MIMM Recordings. On a global scale, Cosmic Bridge, Keysound Recordings, Hotline Recordings, Bandulu Records, Tectonic, Mixclique and Earth 616.

Any final words for the LeftLion readers?
Respect to LeftLion, free my boy snitch, buy meat from your local butchers you get a lot more for your money, and remember ‘think global, act local.’

Boss Key EP by Majora is released on Monday 18 February 2013 on Tumble Audio.

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