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The Black Veil

LIVE: Captain Dangerous

23 January 13 words: Graeme Smith
Along with August Actually, The Most Ugly Child and Beth Frisby at the Jam Cafe
Beth Frisby Jam Cafe

Beth Frisby live at the Jam Cafe - Photo by Daniel Whiston

Beth Frisby took the stage first, armed with an acoustic guitar and backed by electric bass. She treated the early-comers to chilled, optimistic songs built from bluesy guitar riffs and breezy, unique vocals. A stripped-back version of Adele’s Skyfall inevitably invited a favourable comparison with the Golden Globe-winning singer.

The Most Ugly Child Jam Cafe

The Most Ugly Child live at the Jam Cafe - Photo by Daniel Whiston

Next up was 5-piece, The Most Ugly Child. Part of what must be an Americana revival, they brought a slice of Dixie to Nottingham with rousing choruses played on fiddle, guitar, double bass, percussion and layered with girl/boy harmonies. A good time all round.

August Actually Jam Cafe

August Actually live at the Jam Cafe - Photo by Daniel Whiston

August Actually brought things closer to home with their British brand of light, poppy indie with humorous and ironic lyrics. Reminiscent of The Wedding Present, they performed a wonderfully chaotic and whimsical set, swapping instruments and bringing out rarities like the melodica. Clearly a group of talented musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Captain Dangerous Jam Cafe

Captain Dangerous live at the Jam Cafe - Photo by Daniel Whiston

By this point in the evening, the tiny venue had filled up nicely for the main event. Captain Dangerous took to the stage and launched immediately into old favourites Forgive Us We’re British and Everything Beautiful Reminds Me of You, two tunes of catchy, bouncy indie pop.

Captain Dangerous provide a beautiful mix of different styles, ranging from energetic indie, to folk to gypsy-esque, comparative to The Pogues or Gogol Bordello. It was a set of drunken choruses, dancing and crowd invasion. Of course, with this being an I’m Not From London gig, there had to be a bit of crowd surfing.

If you haven’t picked up their latest album The Empire Never Died, do so presently.

Captain Dangerous, August Actually, The Most Ugly Child and Beth Frisby played at the Jam Cafe on Friday 18 January 2013.

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