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Traverse Creatives: Open 2013

25 July 13 words: Rachel Elderkin
Art at The Malt Cross

Kevin Holdaway

Kevin Holdaway

Traverse Creatives is a volunteer-run event organisation based in the East Midlands. They organise exhibitions and pop-up stores around the region featuring the work of emerging artists and designers and now they have now come to Nottingham with a small exhibition at the Malt Cross.

Whether an intentional theme or not, there are a number of pieces inspired by nature in this exhibition, including jewellery, craft and other artworks. The work featured here has mainly been created by artists from around the region, although one work, by artist Mahima Lal, has made its way over from India. The exhibition brings together both emerging and mid-career artists, providing a chance for these artists to exchange knowledge, assist each other and work collaboratively in curating this show. It is an exhibition showcasing a range of practices, including painting, illustration, sculpture, craft and film.

Rosamund WoodrowThe metalwork pieces in this exhibition are particularly impressive. Sophie Currie, an artist working in metal spinning – a rarely seen practice and specialist craft – has produced some beautiful copper bowls of differing sizes. The pieces are etched with fractal patterns – mathematically correct patterns which often occur in nature. Inspired by nature and these natural patterns Currie’s bowls are aesthetically attractive and undoubtedly highly skilled pieces. Metal again appears in Mordant, a collection of sculptures by Rosamund Woodrow. Their twisted shapes appear brittle and half eroded, suggesting a transient sense of decay which gives the sculpture an intriguing edge.

Shimmering in the centre of the room, and the first piece to catch your eye, is a collection of spherical objects. Lying somewhere between a space-age coral and a Christmas decoration these pieces by Alice Peacock, entitled The Gathering, are once again inspired by nature. They catch the light wonderfully and while in this exhibition they are found nestled together on the ground, they would work equally well hanging mid-air.

Although a small exhibition, this show contains some interesting pieces. One of these is Salvation, by artist Craig Parr, a piece based on Caravaggio’s The Incredulity of Saint Thomas. It plays with the theme and format of the original painting, but replaces the figures to create a more modern day scenario, offering a reflection on society’s relationship with technology and institutions.

Sophie Currie

Sophie Currie

Another highlight is Kevin Holdaway’s fragmented cityscapes. The bold colours in these well composed works pick out the angular city scene as viewed from the Empire State building. On an altogether different scale, a series of miniature works by Michelle Morgan, are also appealing. These collages created from found materials depict landscapes and scenery that are postcard-like and which evoke a definite summery, holiday-time feel.

For a small collection there is a good selection and standard of work here. The exhibition showcases a real range of practices and the mix between modern sculpture and traditional craft practices adds an interesting element. The gallery at the Malt Cross provides an ideal space for an exhibition and hopefully we will see more from Traverse Creatives in and around Nottingham in the future. 



Traverse Creatives: Open 2013 exhibition will be at The Malt Cross until Monday 29 July 2013. The gallery is open during the day from 11am. Entrance is free.



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