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2.8 Hours Later: Review

25 March 13 words: Penny Reeve
I realised I had to tone it down a bit when I screamed ‘ZOMBIE’ at some poor, unsuspecting member of the public.
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Images: David Parry

Okay, first things first, you guys. I had a bad ankle when playing 2.8 Hours Later. That, I’m sure was the entire reason for me being so terrible at evading zombies. It had nothing to do with my lack of decisiveness when running past the undead or, I suppose, my complete lack of skill in the running department. That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

SlingShot, the company that devised 2.8 Hours - the cross-city zombie game - have been teasing us Nottingham folks for a while, after cancelling last summer's game for some unknown reason. Luckily, it did nothing to dissuade the hordes of zombie fighters that turned up on a cold and wet Wednesday night to race through the barren wreck of the city, with the final aim of partying their end-of-the-world blues away at a Zombie Disco. But who would survive an onslaught of oozing Oni? Would people fall at the cunning wiles of the walking dead - though lets be fair, zombies aren’t known for their intelligence are they?

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At the start of the game, in the Talbot Street car park, we all queued, waiting to be allowed into the sterile zone. As we had arrived as a twosome we scouted out some buddies to make up our team of six to eight. We decided on eight - there's safety in numbers - procuring some lovely people who would prove very cunning in the world of ghoul getaways.

After registering and signing a disclaimer promising that we wouldn’t actually hurt any zombies or do something silly like run in front of a car, we were given and quick medical and briefing of what to expect out in a post apocalyptic ‘Hoodtown. We were told that Nottingham was the safest place in the country, now that the ‘infection’ had taken over the UK, but that we should still expect some zombies on our way to the ‘safe zone’. Right, then. We could definitely do this. Some zombies? Pah.

We were given our first checkpoint and after consulting the map that we were handed (pro tip: take a pencil), we hotfooted it off - going a roundabout way - keeping an eye out all the time for errant zombs all the while. Luckily, we made it without any trouble, though I realised I had to tone it down a bit when I screamed ‘ZOMBIE’ at some poor, unsuspecting member of the public, though in fairness, they didn't look too healthy.

After the first check-point there was no time to lose in crossing the city. Everywhere we turned there were guys covered in blood trying to catch us, and although we thought we were being pretty stealthy with our route, there were just some times when the only thing to do was rush past a moaning monster, arms flailing and screams ringing out. My advice? Throw one of your teammates to the floor, sometimes it's the only possible way to escape without being 'zombie tagged'.

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I obviously can’t give the game away for those lucky enough to be playing this weekend, but one thing is for sure - for the people that didn’t know that 2.8 Hours Later was coming to town - well, they must have been pretty darn freaked out. One of my favourite parts of the night was when a couple, who had no clue what was happening, bumped into our group running down a flight of stairs. We told them there were undead in the near vicinity but they just kept on going up, despite the howls and screams coming from above. Luckily, they thought the wiser of continuing their trek and left just after us, looking incredibly confused and somewhat terrified.

A word to the wise who undertake this mission... Zombies run fast. If they catch you, you WILL become one of them. Although you may be lulled into a false sense of security at the start, as the game progresses the zombies increase in number and speed. You can be caught more than once, as I found out when I was captured...well...everytime really (honestly, it was embarrassing. A zombie actually wrote ‘failed again’ on my hand), but if you use all of your cunning, you may get through without being infected. Possibly. Regardless of if you get zombyfied or not though, you're going to have one hell of an awesome night. Just watch out for those dark corners! 

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