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The Comedy of Errors

52 Artists 4 Bulwell

28 March 13 words: Penny Reeve
A new project that sees 52, sorry, make that 53 artists collaborating for community engagement
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STEE-3PO shows you his card(s)

Brainchild of Nottingham-based artist Rosemary MacLennan, and as part of collective NottArt, fifty three artists have joined forces to bring you 52 Artists 4 Bulwell, a new collaborative project that aims to engage the local community. 

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Why Bulwell, we hear you cry? Well, linked to MacLennan's previous undertaking, The Shopping List Project, 52 Artists 4 Bulwell, "Is my way of giving back for the gift I feel I've been given...the shopping lists". The artworks will shortly be placed around Bulwell for people to find by chance, but have also been transferred onto the back of packs of playing cards - hence the 52 connection - a part of a protracted project for schools and community groups around the area, which aims to encourage exploration and engagement with the community. 

Featuring artists such as Matthew Chesney, Alexandra Rayner, Christopher Fletcher and our very own Rebecca Gove-Humphries, the pieces range from photographs to crochet, illustrations to upcycled rammel found out of the streets. If you fancy a bit of a shufty before the pieces get sent out to their new homes, they are being shown tonight at The Creative Quarter - please e-mail Rosemary at [email protected] The cards are also available to buy from the NottArt website. 

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The Shopping List Project


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