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24 March 13 words: James Walker
Hilary Mantel may have won the Booker but she'll never find herself quoted in a bog in Nottingham...

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Ok, so Hilary Mantel won the Booker and the Costa. Not bad. But one thing she won’t be able to say when she sits back and reflects on her career is that she had a quote from her book in a bog in Nottingham. That particular accolade is reserved only for the good people of Hood Town.

The Corner, home to our goodselves, the Creative Quarter and I’m not from London are looking to turn this shabby old property into a funkalicious hangout, and where better to start than the bogs. With this in mind we’d like you to recommend favourite quotes from books or sayings from local figures. And there’s plenty of folk to choose from: Jesse Boot, William Booth, Robbo Hoodo, Lord Byron, Alan Sillitoe, Jon McGregor, Nicola Monaghan, Charlie Peace, Cloughie and that guy with the beard who wrote books about men doing naked wrestling.

And let’s not forget we’re also home to Leslie Crowther, KWS and Su Pollard, so we’re absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to acerbic wit and humour, meaning once you enter our toilets you’ll never want to leave (though this isn’t the rationale behind the project).

Now before you start thinking, ay up, this sounds like a rip off of one of those annoying Irish pubs. It’s not. Well, not entirely. We’ll be asking local artists to illustrate the quotes so there’ll be something pretty to look at as well. And the quotes aren’t just for the bog. We might put them up on the ceiling as well. It just depends on whether my mate returns the step ladder he borrowed last week (you reading this, Dave).

What appears on the walls and ceiling is up to you. And it doesn’t have to be writers, poets and intellectual do gooders. It could be mouthy green grocers from Sherwood or a local saying that makes you chuckle because it’s neither use nor ornament. Get meh?

Please lob your suggestions in the comments section down below or email them directly to our Rikkkkkkkkkkkkkki. ([email protected]) There will be a special prize for our favourite chosen quote...

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