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LIVE: The Maze Outdoor Bar Launch

3 September 13 words: Georgia Taylor
The Gorgeous Chans and Liverpool's The Hummingbirds launch The Maze's brand-spanking new outdoor bar.
The Humminbirds

The Hummingbirds - photo by Marytn Boston

With a lick of paint and a new outdoor bar, The Maze sets itself back on the Notts music map. The Swiines pulling out last minute due to particular circumstances might of deterred a few faces, however, the night was a lively affair.

The Hummingbirds presence on stage certainly didn’t go unnoticed as the whole room is enticed and quietened by the first performance of the night.

Lacking the typical Liverpool egotistical performance, the band distanced themselves from cocky Miles Kane wannabes through their smooth and beautiful performance onstage.  Harmonies between them overpower the strong guitar, and the hint of harmonica and classic melodic sounds throughout draw you in and transport you back to a time of miniskirts and beehives.

Dressed in skinny suits, shirts and polo necks, the Scousers sure do look (and sound) bloody lovely, and it's hard to argue that these lads aren’t going to break a few hearts.

Emma was the stand out song from the band, combining folk sounds with a Courteeners-like vocal and lyrical influence.

Predictably, growing up in Liverpool has shaped the band somewhat, particularly that four piece who came about in the Sixties who shan’t be named. Ending on Day Tripper accentuated this.

The Gorgeous Chans

The Gorgeous Chans - photo by Martyn Boston

Second to stage were The Gorgeous Chans.

A band oozing with indie goodness, and enough energy to get even my morbid self dancing, the Nottingham based six, (sometimes nine) piece mix a variety of different instruments to get their uplifting, Mediterranean esque sound.

A cover of The Talking Heads' This Must be the Place emanated the David Byrne influence, and incidentally, showcased the fact that these guys benefit from not one, but two, extremely fantastic yet definitely different sounding singers.

Following on from a reworked cover of MGMT's Kids, their last song, Night in Graceland explored the notion of youth and adventure. Consequently, it was with this final song that everything got slightly weird: exotic shimmying, fist pumps and jazz hands to be precise. Clearly, The Gorgeous Chans already have a well-deserved fan base, and undoubtedly, this will continue to expand over time.

The Gorgeous Chans and The Hummingbirds played at The Maze on Saturday 31 August 2013.

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