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The Comedy of Errors

Nottingham Barefoot Walk 2013

6 September 13 words: Penny Reeve
An attempt to smash a world record and raise cash for charity this Sunday


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Wollaton Hall is hosting the Barefoot Walk

A long time ago, one of my best friends called me from Nepal. He’d be walking around without shoes for a month ‘because it’s what the locals do’. I replied by telling him that the locals did it because the locals more than likely couldn’t afford shoes, rather than by doing it of choice, but that I got his point.

Anyway, that was slightly off topic, but it makes sense. Why shouldn’t we walk a few miles without shoes now and again; to just take a little while to think about those 60 million-or-so people around the world can’t afford shoes.

We know, we know, walking without shoes around Nottingham is hazardous at best. Regardless of the perils of walking on uneven tarmac, there’s gum, glass and gob to worry about, too. This Sunday though, fear not for getting your feet ripped to shreds and covered in crap, because there’s going to be a whole barefoot walking event going on, and it’s going to be lovely.

Barefoot Walk 2013 are holding a charity stroll, which will see your toes getting the stretch that they’ve been waiting for. Frolic amongst the grass and deer at Wollaton Hall and let the blades of grass tickle your soles while you take either a three or five kilometre meander. Guinness Book of Records will be there, in the hope that the current record will be smashed for the amount of people walking without shoes and socks at the same time; the current number stands at 2,500, so it’ll be a tough one to beat but hey, we’re Nottingham and we’re good at stuff like this.

There will be music to add a bounce to your step, too, with The Afterdark Movement, Big Rhino and The Gorgeous Chans amongst others all taking to the stage. 

All money will be spread amongst two different charities, Nottingham Hospital’s Charity Fund and Children’s Air Ambulance. You can also donate a pair of shoes at the walk, which will be shipped over to Africa to adorn the feet of people that need them.

Worried that it might rain? Don’t be. Have you ever felt the rain on your bare feet as you’re wandering over thick, springy grass? Exactly, it’s great. So go instead of lying in bed with a hangover this weekend, go and make a difference instead, eh?

The walk will be held at Wollaton Hall between 11am - 4pm

Entrance to the walk costs £10 for adults - £5 for children

Barefoot Walk website



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