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The Black Veil

John 'Brick' Clark and Comics

8 April 14 words: James Walker
The political cartoonist discusses how he has illustrated the life of Gulag escapee Slavomir Rawicz for a graphic novel

John ‘Brick’ Clark spent most of his career as a political cartoonist, but more recently has focussed on producing his own graphic novels. His most recent is To End All Wars, an anthology of 27 stories offering an alternative narrative to jingoistic commemorations of WWI. Prior to this he wrote Depresso, detailing his life long struggle with mental illness. His style is largely drawn from the continent, with the French bande dessinee artists a big influence during his childhood. In the above video he talks about his contribution to Dawn of the Unread, a digital graphic novel that explores Nottingham’s literary past. In the first chapter ‘Brick’ tells the incredible story of Slavomir Rawicz, a Polish Army lieutenant who escaped a Siberian gulag in 1941 before eventually settling in Nottingham. 

My Long Walk With Slav is released on 8 April and can be downloaded from the Dawn of the Unread website

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Follow @Slavomirrawicz on Twitter where his story The Long Walk is being tweeted daily until April 2015.  

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