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Green Light in the City

Pick of the Week: 4 - 10 August

3 August 14 words: POTW
Look at all these pickings. There's so much to do that our brains are convulsing with joy
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Image: Andy Stanley

Architect Arts and The Howie Smith Project present: Nottingham Creative Quarter Exhibition
A handy map has appeared to guide everyone around the Creative Quarter. It’s called Historical Lace Market and Hockley, so you can take a wild guess where it’s sitting… Woolpack Lane for those of you who’re a few clowns short of a circus. To celebrate this wonderful gift from the CQ crew, Andy Stanley, the bloke who painted the lovely pictures of Nottingham buildings, which surround the map, is putting on a watercolour exhibition bang opposite. He started as a technical draughtsman in the army, then went on to study fine art, and has landed on a beautifully structured style with lashings of detailed character that really have to be seen to be appreciated, so poke yer bonce in.
Saturday 2 – Thursday 7 August, free, The Corner

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The American War
Two experimental documentary screenings at the Contemporary, each exploring America’s war in Vietnam, are running for free this Tuesday. Introduced by film curator at Whitechapel Gallery in London, Gareth Evans, the session firstly consists of What Farocki Taught, a remake of the German film Inextinguishable Fire, which looks at the visible production of Napalm B by Dow Chemical Corporation. After a short interval, the second film Far From Vietnam is a collaborative documentary from 1967, protesting the American military involvement in Vietnam. An eye-opening evening with topics relevant to world issues today, be sure to get down.
Tuesday 5 August, 6.30pm – 9.30pm, free, Nottingham Contemporary

Gaming Lambs
Einstein once said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” He might not have been referring to actual games, but he was a fun guy so maybe he was... Gaming Lambs is a night held at Sobar, on the first Thursday of every month, and the rules are bring games, play games. Easy. Previously hosted at Lee Rosy’s, Gambling Lambs has dropped the B and has had new life pumped into it in the form of non-alcoholic goodness. Cards, word games, PSPs – bring owt. Anything goes – so long as it’s legal.
Thursday 7 August, 6pm, free, Sobar

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De La Soul
That’s right. The hip hop legends and poetic geniuses are coming to Nottingham to douse us in their jazzy, funky, soulful vibrations. And after they kindly released their discography for a day’s free download, you’ve got no excuse not to be screaming their lyrics back at them. In celebration of their 25 years of hip hop, the veteran trio are bringing their massive beat range and double-take wordplay to Notts, for a one night stand that you won’t regret in the morning. Chances are it won’t just be me, myself and I, so make sure you get your tickets, pronto.
Thursday 7 August, 6.30pm, £25, Rock City

Charlie Simpson
If you or someone you know was affected by boyband Busted splitting up just under a decade ago, you may be happy to know that Charlie Simpson, the angry looking geezer with the big eyebrows, is having a take two on his solo career, and he’s coming to Notts to perform a few tunes off his new album. He’s still kept his folky sound, the perfectly straight hair, and the boyband good looks - but now he’s got rawer instrumentation, and plenty more catchy hooks. You’ll probably have to fight through hoards of teenage girls - but if Charlie is the prize, we reckon it’s worth it. It’s what we went to school for, anyways.
Friday 8 August, 5pm, free, HMV

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Three Girl Rhumba
The freshest of alternative, dancey trios are launching their EP at the Chameleon – Lemon Crush. We’re nuff thirsty just at the sound of it. Without a doubt, they’ll have you moving and shaking like you don’t give a rat’s arse crack. Joining them on their beautiful musical endeavour are dons of harmonising Scribble Victory; heavy bass and twinkling piano mish-mashers Ghost Twins; and electronica laden Tray Electric. All seriously scrumptious sounds, and a party at Suede with £2.50 drinks offers afterwards. Cheap entry price with good vibes, what more could you ask for duck?
Friday 8 August, 8pm, £3/£4, The Chameleon

Electro Cafe
The lovely little abode that is Jam Cafe hosts some bloody ace music nights don’t they? Pretty much every week they offer up a delectable platter of great varied music, and this week is no different. One night in particular that’s looking rather tasty is the cleverly titled Electro Cafe (see what they did there?), which, as you may guess, brings a few electronic beauties to the venue. Shelter Point kick things off with their stunning down-tempo electronica, followed by some dirty synths from the interestingly named Revenge of Calculon. If you still fancy a boogie after all that goodness, DJ Blactofox will take you into the early hours.
Friday 8 August, 9pm, free, JamCafe

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Holi One Colour Festival
It’s being billed as the hottest ticket in town and, if you’re quick, you could still book your place at one of the UK’s most unique music festivals. There is just a few days to go until the Holi One Colour Festival descends on Nottingham. Against a backdrop of dance and DJ music, revellers throw powders into the air to create an explosion of colour and excitement aimed at celebrating togetherness and the colour of everyday life. Last year, Holi One Colour Festivals were attended by 100,000 people worldwide and took place across cities and countries that included London, South Africa and Berlin. Be a part of something brilliant.
Saturday 9 August, 12pm, various prices, Donington Park

Street Party
Everybody loves a good street party, especially when it’s for charity. And this weekend sees a proper good’un thanks to Castle Rock and The Maze. There’ll be absolutely loads cracking off, from circus performers and comedians, to arts and crafts stalls a plenty. And - of course, food, lots and lots of food - the flaming barbeque sounds pretty good to us. The day marks a five year promise from Castle Rock to support Amnesty International UK and the Royal British Legion, in commemoration of the Great War. So, come down, have a drink and a mooch, and enjoy yourself all in the name of charity.
Saturday 9 August, 2pm, free, Castle Rock Brewery

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Over the past few years, Georgie Rose has built quite a reputation around the Notts music scene. Recently, she’s played Splendour, Dot To Dot, Theatre Royal, and even managed to bag the likes of Billy Bragg and KT Tunstall as her fans. Now she’s gone and got a band together who go by the name of Georgie (we bet that took a while to think up), and she’s doing a bit of a showcase of her new Americana West Coast style material at Tempreh. With support on the night from The Hargreaves and Molly & Jack, it’s gonna be an amazing night, full of great local talent that everyone can swell with pride to.
Saturday 9 August, 8pm, free, Nottingham Contemporary

Those grungy lot in Kagoule have been playing a fair few shows around the country recently, not to mention a show at that little festival called Glastonbury, you might have heard of it… Anyways, they’re back in Notts, and ready to show you lot a moshing good time - expect the same aural assault of heavy guitars and dual vocals that we’ve come to love. Also on the lineup are Bad Breeding, a band that are just as heavy as the name would have you believe. Leave the Ibuprofen out on the bedside table, this is gonna be a loud one.
Saturday 9 August, 10pm, £4 The Chameleon

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