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Kickstart Your Creative Year

15 January 14 words: Adrian Reynolds
Writing workshop this Saturday with Adrian Reynolds whose portfolio includes: films, comics, script editing, a one-man show and zombies...

I’ve timed this so the buzz of your New Year resolve will have faded a bit, and maybe you’re allowing old habits to sneak back in.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Cynicism is the easy option. Or, you could get some kind of gameplan together before whatever your version of kicking ass is.

This Saturday I'll be hosting a day designed to help you get on track for exactly that, aimed at people with creative stuff on the go.

*Are you full of ideas but fizzle out when it comes to seeing them through?

*Great at making things happen, but feel uninspired about what you're doing?

*Chugging along and wanting things to be different without knowing how that can happen?

If you're nodding yes to any of those, the workshop (no beanbags, honest!) will present practical and enjoyable ways to do what you do differently in 2014. And - I promise - no role play will be involved. Though it might get unusual in other ways...which it needs to. The results you're creating at the moment are necessarily a reflection of how you're thinking and feeling, and the choices you make as a result. To get beyond that, it's useful to find other ways to move forward.

So, what qualifies me to do any of this?

First, since adopting the approaches I'll be talking about, I've become massively more productive, and happier with it. I've got one short film being finished by a Canadian director, two being developed with an Emmy-nominated one in Chicago, and I ran a Kickstarter last September that's resulting in another short being made in Beeston at the end of the month. The Canadian is one of two people who's spoken to me in the last 24 hours about making a feature film.

I've also got a comic coming to the interwebz soon, developed with artist Raben White and colourist Jess Parry, both home grown at Confetti. And I'm cooking up more comics as part of the Dawn of the Unread project led by LeftLion's James Walker. For added fun, I decided the other day that I'm going to do a one man show this year, and there are some app-based adventures too.

Along the way I’ve also worked with homeless people at a hostel for some years, following my own adventures in mental health. I know what it’s like to be depressed, unfocused, and generally not very together, and spent far too long in that state before finding out some effective ways to approach it all more functionally, and happily.

No, this isn’t some weird Scientology recruitment event. It’s about giving you tools to do more of whatever it is you do, with a focus on mental hygiene with a view to making stuff and putting it into the world more straightforward. And you’ve got a couple more days to get in touch with Nottingham Writers’ Studio, who are hosting the event, to book a place. See you there.

Saturday 18 January 10am - 6pm at Nottingham Writers' Studio, Broadway Centre, 32a Stoney St, NG11LL: £50 NWS members and students. £75 non-members. Includes lunch.

For more information please see the NWS website

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