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Pick of the Week: 28 July - 3 August

27 July 14 words: POTW
A bit of this and a bit of that make for loads of fun things to do this week
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Photo: Alexander Stevenson

The Wild Project
What does the word ‘wild’ mean to you? Sixteen artists from across Europe became residents on the border between Czech Republic and Poland to explore exactly that topic, delving into the vastly varying connotations through social, environmental and political terms. The artists, ranging from a dancer and a filmmaker, to sculptors and photographers, have pooled their ideas in an exhibition to open up perspectives on locations, beauty and rebellion among many other things. These next couple of weeks are the last chance to get a look-in and there will be a reading group held on the last day of the exhibition (Saturday 9 August) which you can book by contacting [email protected]
Saturday 12 July – Saturday 9 August, Thursday – Saturday, 12pm – 6pm, free, Primary Gallery

Dance Camp
A lot of us wanted to be dancer when we were we kids - and while we may have ended up doing the ballet or summat for a bit,  the only dancing we get to do now is late on a Friday night. Well, The Renewal Trust want better for our younguns, so they’re putting on several dance workshops this week, where the kids can have a taster of a load of different dance styles, without the pressure of commitment or performance. Whether they like all of them. just one of them, or none of them - for 50p a pop, it’s definitely worth a try.
Monday 28 - Thursday 31 July, 50p, Victoria Leisure Centre

Found Footage Festival
Some right barmy VHS tapes knock about in garage sales and car boots. Where most of us turn our backs to the stacks of chunk, the dudes at FFF have trawled through reams upon reams from North America, digging out the most obscure and hilarious tapes they could find. From a Christmas-themed workout, to a 1997 instructional video on how to have cybersex on t’internet, curators Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher deliver the forgotten oddities with live commentary and updates on where the stars of the shows are now. With great reviews from The Guardian, Time Out London and Jimmy Fallon, it’s sure to be a rib-tickling treat.
Tuesday 29 July, 9pm, £9/£10, Broadway Cinema

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The Age of Consent
Peter Morris’s play explores childhood, responsibility and innocence through the voice of two characters – one, a teenage murderer awaiting his release from a correctional facility; the other, a mother abusively driving her daughter in the direction of fame and fortune. The monologues interlink through their sense of denial and their glimpses of humanity throughout their treacherous and ruthless actions. Cited as a thought-provoking and moving piece of theatre, Morris pokes bears for all the right reasons, stirring up much controversy when it premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2001. Let’s keep the conversation going.
Wednesday 30 July – Friday 1 August, 7.30pm, £8, Lace Market Theatre

Strange Business: New Watercolour Painting
Another group exhibition started last week, and this time it’s coming from lovely lads and lasses in the magical Syson Gallery. The traditional form of watercolour painting is what the artists have been exploring, going beyond the ‘old-fashioned’ stigma that’s attached to the work stemming from the technique and using it in its broadest senses. Artists involved in the project include Gordon Dalton, Yelena Popova, Emily Speed, Beth Shapeero, Anneliese Kreuger, Lois Gardner Sabet, Oliver Tirre and Oliver Raymond-Barker – each and every one of them brings something different to the exhibition, stick your head in to find out what.
Thursday 24 July – Friday 19 September, Wednesday – Saturday, 12pm – 5pm, free, Syson Gallery

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What kind of board games did you play as a kid? Probably something naff like Snakes And Ladders or Guess Who? How awesome would it have been if you could have played a huge, lifesize 3D board game? Well your prayers have been answered, and while you might look a bit odd if you go and play it by yersen, grab one of your little’uns, and go crazy with no shame. Inspired by their latest buzz-wire exhibition by artist Yara El-Sherbini, the game encourages kids to have fun, and learn about other cultures as they go. We can think of worse ways to learn…
Saturday 3 August, 1pm, free, Forest Fields Recreation Ground

Sounddhism Fourth Birthday
Over the past few years, Sounddhism have put on a multitude of exciting events throughout Notts. From bringing international acts to the city, to putting on great lineups of local talent.  As is to be expected, they’ve got one heck of a lineup for their fourth birthday party this weekend. They’ll be pleasing all the senses, with a lineup full of awesome DJs and live acts to please your ears, live art from the Mimm collective to please your eyes, and even an international barbeque to please your gob. It’ll be cracking off for about twelve hours, so there’s plenty to enjoy.
Saturday 3 August, 3pm, £8, The Bodega

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The Smears
Since 2008, The Smears have been causing a grungy punk ruckus across Nottingham, but they’ve kept things on the hush a bit recently. This week sees their first, and only Nottingham show of the year, with their latest 2014 lineup of Natalie, C-Doll and Demelza Toy Toy. If you’ve never seen these girls live before, you’re in for quite an experience - with speakers well and truly turned up to eleven, their raw angst mixed with pop sensibilities makes for something very special. It’s all part of the Headcheck “Road To Rebellion” weekend, so there’ll be plenty of other ace bands knocking about too.
Saturday 3 August, 6pm, £6, The Maze

If you’re familiar with the Notts music scene, you’ll probably know of Great British Weather, or you’ll at least have heard of them. Despite having the name for a few years now, they’ve decided they’re not happy with it anymore, and have sodded it off for the slightly more confusing name of IVORYSERFS. The name change hasn’t affected the music though - you can still expect the funky shoe-gazy post-rock that they’re known for. There’ll also be support from the stunning alt-rockers Field Studies, as well as a few more acts who are yet to be revealed. Ooooh.
Saturday 3 August, 8pm, free, Nottingham Contemporary

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