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Grand Theft Audio

4 June 14 words: Bridie Squires

This June sees a secret collaboration between some of the coolest kids in Nottingham. From hip hop beats to visual treats, Flouche have pulled together the best in the businesses for two days of shenanigans. We tried to wangle our way behind the scenes with Flouche founder Kelham Stevenson, as well as NG64’s Rob Freeman and Phlexx Records’ Bru-C, who also have a hand in the weekend of madness…

Where did the idea come from?
Kelham: Where all great ideas come from - the pub. After spinning some music at Mario's Barbers, me and my partner in crime Owen Pinkett spoke over a pint about a new endeavour for the Flouche family to get involved in. We’ve combined experiences with Katey Dawson, who’s been successful with Unplugged at Pepper Rocks, throwing ideas back and forth about a mini festival with live music, local labels, fashion designers, underground DJs and art. We want it to be quirky, visually stunning and diverse, offering a slice of Notts’ talent and a taste of many successful, independent brands doing what they do well.
Is the collective working fluidly so far?
Kelham: We’re all linked to each other in some way, not just creatively and professionally, but because we have similar interests and revolve in the same social groups – so naturally,
it works.
Rob: We’ve got a beautiful and unique creative scene here in Nottingham, and it’s always best when we get together and build links.

How many venues will it be over?
Kelham: Everyone likes surprises, hence why we’re keeping schtum! We might need a larger venue for the next one though – there’s been a lot of interest.
What can people look forward to?
Kelham: Music, art, fashion, food, health. There’ll be some top end live acts, including local hip hop legends 1st Blood who will be taking the stage on Friday, with One Bomb, Leygo, Fel Dem and J.Matta also holding court and dropping some beats over the weekend. 3C'z BBQ will run on both days alongside loads of market stalls, and a two day wristband will only put you back seven quid - we want you to have fun without having to pay extortionate entry prices.
What about the individual labels?
Rob: NG64 have got Can B and K-Deuce on the mics, Earlybird beating up the MPC and maybe even a few special guests.
Bru-C: Phlexx Records have got a stall and we’re chucking on a couple of undisclosed DJs.
Kelham: Bringing a selection of labels means a whirlwind of genres and acts from live hip hop and beatbox crossovers to DJs pushing roots dub, bashment, reggae, hip hop, deep house, minimal dubstep - the list goes on. We are really looking forward to people stumbling across new labels and sounds that take their interest.
The secret element is cool, but how do people find out where to go?
Kelham: The Grand Theft Audio posters around the city have QR barcodes which you can scan to reveal details of the event online. We will be releasing the location of the venue in an old school way - a party line number will appear on the Facebook event page, so keep your taters peeled.

Any secrets you can let us in on?
Rob: I’m saying nothing. You’ll just have to wait and see.
Kelham: We’re brainstorming fun ways for attendees to find these events. The best thing to do is turn up and enjoy the surprises, we don’t want to ruin them.
Away from the music, what artists are involved?
Kelham: Tekonta Secta of Mimm Collective. Some of the Flouche crew were playing at a house party kitted out by them last week and it had the funkiest deco we’ve ever seen - full scale DJ booths built into bedrooms, umbrellas turned into UV jellyfish - our jaws were on the ground. Mimm are spot on when it comes to visuals - it will be interesting to see what they pull out the bag. Independent clothing brands include, Ferox and The Tribes - all putting out some of the most engaging designs you’ll see. Laura Decorum will be there too, with her eye-catching face paints.
Can we expect more fusion in the future?
Rob: Hopefully. The more unity we can promote, the more diverse the music we can expose, it all makes us stronger.
Bru-C: Phlexx will be focussing on community work over the summer, and we’re hooking up with Tumble and Rubberdub for my birthday bash.
Kelham: We are looking at running a large, collaborative secret event every couple of months or so.

Grand Theft Audio will take place at a secret venue on Friday 6 - Saturday 7 June. Tickets are £5/7. 

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