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Art Works: Jamie Gibson

10 March 14

"I find that interesting people, from whichever field of work they are in, make better subjects"

After studying illustration at university, I went on to become a Graphic Designer but I never lost the fascination with capturing a likeness on a blank page or canvas. I find that interesting people, from whichever field of work they are in, make better subjects. This is my portrait of the writer Alan Moore. He has written for some of the biggest names in comics such as Batman , Superman and Swamp Thing but he is primarily known for his own comics such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell. Despite his numerous objections, his works have provided the basis for multi-million dollar films - none of which he has ever watched.

I had been meaning to produce a portrait of him for a long time - faces like his are a dream to work with. After expressing online that I was keen to get going on this one, a friend got in touch to say that he’d been pals with Alan for years and that should I complete it and give a print to Alan for his opinion. I couldn’t believe it - I’ve been a fan for years, this was one of those opportunities that doesn’t present itself very often.

After an initial rough sketch it was eventually produced digitally in Photoshop with the aid of a drawing tablet, which is my preferred method of working. However, on occasion I do revert to more traditional methods. My work usually leans toward caricature, but I felt that the mood of this piece needed to be slightly different, so I opted for a straight portrait - although I couldn’t help but exaggerate some features. I decided not to add any colour, and to focus on the eyes. I am very critical of my own work, but knowing my subject would be seeing it, it had to be right. I’m not sure how long it took me, I got lost in the amount of hair, with the beard in particular being a real challenge.

I posted the portrait to Northampton, where Alan lives, not expecting to hear anything more, but less than a week later a copy of the print arrived back at my house. Not only that, it was signed “To Jamie with big love your pal - Alan Moore”. I’ve been fortunate enough over the years to receive favourable comments from many of the well known faces I have painted, but to get something like that really meant a lot.

I don’t display my own work because I would forever be looking at things I could improve. This one however has pride of place.

Prints of Jamie’s work and commissions are available upon request.

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