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Mike White and comics

26 March 14 words: James Walker
"Everything I draw is bizarre. I can't think of anything that's not"

Mike White, also a tutor at Confetti, is the first commissioned artist for Dawn of the Unread, a graphic novel set in Nottingham. Each chapter explores a different artistic style and for the opening chapter, Mike drew on the style of American fifties horror comics. The colours for the story are directly sampled from an old issue of one of those comics, and the tradition of having a narrator to introduce the story is followed too. Rather than a cryptkeeper or ghoul, this one features literary heroine Edith Sitwell, who, rumour has it, occasionally slept in a coffin. 

Dawn of the Unread is available as a free download on the 8th of each month. It is an idea by James Walker to support libraries and encourage reading about local history.