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Promoter Focus: Rammel Club

7 April 15 words: Promoter Focus
"We lose money but going to see these acts play London would cost us the same. It's nicer to stay in the Hood and feed them cake before the gig"
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Photo: Tesco Paul
Pigeonholing is a bit eighties, we just try to showcase stuff that doesn't get much exposure. If one really wants to put a label on it, experimental/improv/freeform/noise would cover it.
Venues you do stuff at:
The Chameleon, JT Soar, Stuck on a Name, Primary, Lee Rosy’s, One Thoresby Street, Spanky Van Dykes.
Your ethos:
Every penny goes to the artists. We lose money but that's okay because going to see these acts play London would cost us about the same. It's nicer to stay in the Hood and feed them cake before the gig.
Who else helps you run the nights?
Abi, Henry, Murray, Pieter and Steve keep the heart of Rammel Club beating. We were sad to see a few Rammel chums leave Nottingham over the past few years, but fresh blood brings new ideas, hurray!
Ten words that sum up the events you put on:
Woossshboiiiing pjooeeww... leftfield grassroots experimental freeform sounds outside the mainstream
Which local act has gone down best with your crowd?
Sleaford Mods. Getting my head smashed in by a fan without a ticket for their sold‐out gig was the most frightening experience of my life, though.
If you could get a celebrity compere who would you choose?
Werner Herzog’s voice would be great... Or Klaus Kinski ranting, naked, waist high in leaves. Also, bring back Fred Dibnah. Hell, yes! Let's knock down a chimney with rumbling subwoofers.
Tell us a crazy story that has happened at your events...
Artists usually stay on our sofa but a well‐respected, teetotal academic in his sixties was allergic to cats so we put him up in a Travelodge. The hotel called me at 4am after kicking him out for attempting to enter a girl's room in his pants. I rushed there to find him in his boxers being restrained by a security guy. Apparently a noisy hen party woke him and, after enduring this terror for half an hour, he gently asked to turn it down, but they slammed the door shut and reported him. Two minutes later, security frog‐marched him to the lobby. He told us he'll never stay in a hotel in Nottingham again...
What have you got coming up this month?
On Thursday 9 April, Fritz Welch returns with French experimental guitarist Olivier Diplacido and there’s support from tape manipulator extraordinaire Stuart Chalmers and local performance artist Arianne Churchman, who’s reviving traditional British folk traditions. 
On Tuesday 28 April there's Cathy Hayden and Rogier Smal from the Netherlands bringing some of the outer fringes of jazz with support by Sheffield gob wobbler Luke Poot, and Smut ‐ noise/drone by Lucy Johnson. 
Bit of a scoop here ‐ Friday 5 June we have Japanoise legend KK Null and Makoto Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple, and on Thursday 21 May there's a collaboration with the Music Exchange to bring the psychedelia and giallo inflections of Italy’s Father Murphy with Rainbow Grave and Nadir.

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