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TRCH - Caitlin Moran

Overheard in Notts #1

6 August 15 words: LeftLion
We've been earwigging on your lot's conversations because we are nosey and you are hilarious
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Big Baby is watching. And listening.

"Shall we go to the Contemporary, darling? They've got a bar there."
- Elderly woman to young boy

"No one should have to carry a lettuce all the way from Derby." - Man on bus

I hate blacks.
Girlfriend: (Looks horrified)
Boyfriend: Let's go to Millets.

“If someone says she's 'by uni' would you assume she is by the uni?”

Cashier: Would you like a bag today sir?
Man: No thank you, I'm saving the planet.
Cashier: Haha. (Proceeds to put things into a bag)

“I'm not saying you should murder your ex-wife. I'm just saying that if you wanted to, I think you'd pull it off.”

“Cats look like hairy skinny pigs with long legs and sexy eyes.”

“A Lion Bar is just a Toffee Crisp that thinks it's summat.”

“Just get the six to Bridgford. You can sleep on the street and nobody will bother you.”

Woman: Our David drives a Skoda, don’t he?
Man: And our David absolutely swears by the fucker.

That man... is the wisest... of them all!”
- Man with knee-high socks on, pointing at road sweeper

“I can just imagine dogging to be really awkward. Ah well, at least it’s free.”

“I got my ears pierced so I don't lose my earrings”


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